Track coming off at 165MPH

APEX SuperCharged

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Snowmobile blows track at 115MPH+
me blowing the track off my thundercat,sled went up on one ski and almost rolled the sled, close call

MUST SEE!! snowmobile through ice FAIL
AS SEEN ON TV!! My 2 brothers were trying to ride on open water with his new snowmobile. The first time worked out, but then my other brother tried going and the ice was too thin.No one was hurt, but still its an AMAZING video!! 400,000 views...

Why you should wear your tether
runaway sled,throttle stuck open,tether not on.

rated R snowmobile
this sled has a 1325 cc 4cyl kawasaki engine that runs on nitro methane it has 750 hp (it is definatly one of a kind) this video was filmed on the coquihala lake B.C.