Supermoto wheelie crash KTM 950

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Superduke crash at ~140km/h
First off, it's not a power wheelie. I use the clutch. Due to several comments around some forums about the wheelie while passing the black car; He is the one asking for a wheelie. If you look close you can see him pulling down the window and waving with his hands. And yes, he rides a motorcycle aswell :) The leather suit is Dainese Trickster and the gloves is Lindstrands Urex. Tank slappers /speed wobble side note: 3rd gear goes to 158km/h and I'm pretty much landing at that speed. Running conversation: Guy in black car: Are you okay? Me: Ye it's chill. Me: It's lucky I use a leather suit. Guy: ~Something~ I have crashed a few times. Me: Oh you have? :) Me: ye well, what to say..

Wheelie Tutorial KTM 690 Super motard WINSTON WHEELINGTON
Facebook - Instagram - @winstonwheelies If you want to see more balance point practice on my old DRZ400 Check out this link - Credit to Sko Vlogs for the camera work, his channel in the above link. Send me your QUESTIONS and I shall answer! Send me a PM on youtube or post to my facebook Music credit - Erico Sangiuliano - X Pollination AND

Ghost Rider - The come back ! | 353 Km/h | Wheeling
Voici ghost rider qui est de retour avec une nouvelle performance ! Un wheeling a plus de 353 Km/h sur les autoroutes de Suede ! HAVE FUN ! Twitter :!/FrenchBuzzz

KTM 990 SMR - Wheelie Tips!
How to wheelie your bike properly!