Replacing Timing Belt in Mazda Miata (San Diego, CA)

This is a video about replacing the water pump, timing belt, front seals, timing belt tensioner and pulley. This was recorded at Adams Import Car Specialist in San Diego, CA

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Mazda 626 - Head Reassembly 2
Covers HLA installation, camshaft oil seal, camshaft & cam caps (keepers) installation, and mechanical timing.

1999 Miata timing belt pt1
An abridged instruction on Timing Belt removal for a 1999 Mazda Miata. My camera messed up and I lost the opening instructions clips. Sorry :( . The steps are as follows (from what I remember) 1. disconnect negative battery terminal 2. Raise vehicle to access the drain plug of the radiator and splash tray 2. drain radiator. There's a plastic phillips head screw in the bottom of the radiator. undo this and catch the fluid in a bucket at least 2 gallons. The radiator is held in place by two bolts on top. On bottom a brass bracket bolts to the radiator. Remove the upper and lower radiator hoses. Undo the electric connections to the fans. You don't have to remove the fans, they come out with radiator in one big chunk. 3. loosen the lower, upper and alternator tensioner bolt. push the alternator inward to create slack for the belt so it can be removed. 4. loosen the upper and tensioner bolt for power steering pump. There are slots in the pulley which will allow access to the lower pump bolt attached to the engine. Remove that bolt and the electric concoctor on the pump. move the pump aside. 5. (optional)Remove the spark plug wires. They are attached to the ignition coils. Their sequence is : 4,1,2,3 if you lose track of it. 6. Remove the 2 bolts for the ignition coil. Move the ignition coil aside. 7. remove the valve cover and hoses going around or into the cover. remove the electrical connections for the cam position sensor. 8. Remove the spark plugs. It will make turning the engine much easier later.

1991 Miata Restoration Timing Belt part 2
Installation of timing belt, and assembly. Visit Flyin' Miata to get some special tool for the timing belt job. Cam gear ninja tool: 2000 Crank bolt tool: 1000%20%20P Front seal installer: 0000%20%20BIG%20NOSE JEEP info for Moxohol: .html

Episode 10- Part 2- Installing the Timing Belt- Eliminating the Guesswork
In this episode, we examine the configuration of the timing belt and discover its possible to be sure about the timing. No need to hold the cams with wrenches, no need to start the crankshaft one notch before TDC. Just know where the belt is supposed to be.