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Replacing Timing Belt in Mazda Miata (San Diego, CA)

This is a video about replacing the water pump, timing belt, front seals, timing belt tensioner and pulley. This was recorded at Adams Import Car Specialist in San Diego, CA www.adamsimport.com


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How-to Replace a Mazda Miata Timing Belt and Water Pump
This video details the procedure for replacing the timing belt and water pump on the 1990 - 2005 Mazda Miata. Please address questions or comments to info@EV4Unow.com

Mazda 626 - Head Reassembly 2
Covers HLA installation, camshaft oil seal, camshaft & cam caps (keepers) installation, and mechanical timing.

Miata Timing Belt Change Replacement How To
1997 Miata Timing Belt and Water Pump Change Install. This covers all 1.8L MX-5's from 1994-2004, procedure will be similar for 1.6L models. Hope this saves you some labor costs.

Episode 10- Part 2- Installing the Timing Belt- Eliminating the Guesswork
In this episode, we examine the configuration of the timing belt and discover its possible to be sure about the timing. No need to hold the cams with wrenches, no need to start the crankshaft one notch before TDC. Just know where the belt is supposed to be.

1991 Miata Restoration Timing Belt part 2
Installation of timing belt, and assembly. Visit Flyin' Miata to get some special tool for the timing belt job. Cam gear ninja tool: http://www.flyinmiata.com/index.php?deptid=5681&parentid=0&stocknumber=35-6 2000 Crank bolt tool: http://www.flyinmiata.com/index.php?deptid=5681&parentid=0&stocknumber=35-6 1000%20%20P Front seal installer: http://www.flyinmiata.com/index.php?deptid=5681&parentid=0&stocknumber=35-6 0000%20%20BIG%20NOSE JEEP info for Moxohol: http://www.justanswer.com/jeep/3ml4r-10-jeep-wrangler-tell-sensor-speedo-jk .html

Miata MX5 Timing Belt - How to Fit & Align in Under a Minute. (Miata / MX5)
A quick guide to getting your timing belt alignment accurately, quickly and on the first go - without having to stress about clamping the belt onto cam gears and messing about with penning in white marks everywhere and without upsetting the cam(s) or cranks TDCness. This procedure works on single and twin cam engines, and I have performed it successfully on several different vehicles with the same level of speed and accuracy. On this demo, I was changing some leaky cam seals so the belt shown here isnt new. You can also see bits of degreaser dripping off the block/waterpump on some scenes. ________________________ This demo assumes sufficient mechanical knowledge on engine servicing and is only provided as a guide to specifically fit the belt without upsetting the cam / crank timing.

97 Mazda T Belt
Here's how to replace a timing belt on a Mazda 2.0

Appendix , How to Double Check your Miata, MX5 timing belt replacement.
The King goes over common mistakes and problems during a timing belt replacement on the MX-5, Miata. Also how to index the cam gears and crankshaft at T.D.C. ( Top Dead Center ) Cylinder number one.

Aligning the dual-cam pulleys
me trying to figure out how to realign the dual-cam pulleys that shifted when I removed the timing belt, shifted due to the pressure of the valve springs

How to check for a jumped timing chain or belt
This video can be used to support Section 1 pages 17-23 in my ebook. The method of timing verification shown in this video can be used on any car. Even on old school, non-computer controlled systems. I am also showing in this video how to properly align the timing chains on a 2003 Suzuki Aerio 2.0,

1999 Mazda Miata Alternator and Power Steering Pump Belt Replacement
This video shows how to change out alternator and power steering belts on a 1999 Miata. It shows step-by-step how to remove the crossover tube and the belts followed by reassembly. I am NOT a mechanic, so please consult with an appropriate maintenance manual if you have any questions. You can "do it yourself" and save. This process should take about 2-3 hours, including watching this video, if you have the tools and parts ready. Save a morning to do it. It did require removing the plastic engine shroud on the underside of the car in order to access the Alternator pivot bolt assembly. While this did not take particularly long, it may be a little intimidating at first glance. Watch the video before beginning.

Timing Belt - the Forgotten Belt (by Dayco)
Timing Belt - the Forgotten Belt. This video stresses the importance of checking and following the manufacturers recommended replacement interval for the timing belt. Along with recommendations to replace the "hardware" associated with the Timing Belt (Tensioner, Water Pump, and Idler Pulleys) at the same time the Timing Belt is being replaced. To find out more information on our Timing Belt, Timing Belt Kit, Water Pump Kit, and Timing Component Kit, visit www.daycoproducts.com

Mazda MX5 Bear Mountain Drive
The Smoking Tire stops by a Mazda meet at OCC then heads up to bear mountain for some testing in the twisties of the new MX5

Miata crankshaft pulley wobble
My miata developed a serious crankshaft condition. I hope it can be repaired without replacing the crank. :(( Update: As dgl1962 noticed the crank itself is not wobbling, but the pulley is. I can tell you, from my web research, that a worn woodruff key is the probable cause. I was planning to replace the pulley, woodruff key and the crank bolt and not required to fix the condition, but as a precaution, also change the belts and the water pump. I was selling the car at the time and a buyer came just as I was about to order the parts. He insisted to have it fixed by himself, so I sold it before I could fix it. I've later heard from him that he did indeed fix it, but couldn't tell me any details. He just said that the whole "front" had been replaced. If your beloved miata has developed a similar condition, head over to miata.net to the garage section, they've got a great article about pulleys and additionally search for "Loctite Crank Fix". It involves replacing the part's I've mentioned and using loctite to glue the whole thing together as a safety precaution. If you have any more questions I can try to shed some more light in the comments. I hope I was at least of some help :). Cya PS: I'm now driving a '07 NC. A great car, but I sometimes miss the rawness of the NA, even with it's quirks.

Mazda MX-5 Miata Oil Change Experience
the 215k mile Miata needs an oil change

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