Replacing Timing Belt in Mazda Miata (San Diego, CA)

This is a video about replacing the water pump, timing belt, front seals, timing belt tensioner and pulley. This was recorded at Adams Import Car Specialist in San Diego, CA

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How-to Replace a Mazda Miata Timing Belt and Water Pump
This video details the procedure for replacing the timing belt and water pump on the 1990 - 2005 Mazda Miata. Please address questions or comments to

1991 Miata Restoration Timing Belt part 2
Installation of timing belt, and assembly. Visit Flyin' Miata to get some special tool for the timing belt job. Cam gear ninja tool: 2000 Crank bolt tool: 1000%20%20P Front seal installer: 0000%20%20BIG%20NOSE JEEP info for Moxohol: .html

MX-5 Miata Timing Belt 2 of 2 Mike's Place
Second part of Mike showing how to change a timing belt on a MX-5 Miata.

Miata MX5 Timing Belt - How to Fit & Align in Under a Minute. (Miata / MX5)
A quick guide to getting your timing belt alignment accurately, quickly and on the first go - without having to stress about clamping the belt onto cam gears and messing about with penning in white marks everywhere and without upsetting the cam(s) or cranks TDCness. This procedure works on single and twin cam engines, and I have performed it successfully on several different vehicles with the same level of speed and accuracy. On this demo, I was changing some leaky cam seals so the belt shown here isnt new. You can also see bits of degreaser dripping off the block/waterpump on some scenes. ________________________ This demo assumes sufficient mechanical knowledge on engine servicing and is only provided as a guide to specifically fit the belt without upsetting the cam / crank timing.