2011 Corvette Grand Sport (Stock) vs. Honda Civic supercharger twin turbo

Bad start by corvette but still one by a nose. 1000 ft track. 9.953 at 110.3 mph

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2010 corvette grandsport vs. new tires
i think the nitto's won

Twin Turbo Grandsport Corvette By Late Model Racecraft
This is Late Model Racecrafts first prototype production Stage 2 Twin turbo Kit for the C6 style Corvettes. The stage 2 kit offers an upgraded 62/65 Dual ball bearing billet wheel Precision turbos and a Dual Air to Water Intercooler setup for built engines looking to make 1000rwhp. LMR's stage 1 turbo System will offer a base model 62/62 Precision turbo with an Air to Air Intercooler setup. This prototype system has a FACTORY LS3 engine that has not been modified. Valve covers have not even been removed. This car will get an upgraded engine sometime next year so be on the lookout for future results.