The Dodge Dude Pickup

The Dodge Dude Pickup Truck

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Dodge Drag Racing Trucks 1960s
Dodge promo film showing the power of their vehicles Cars and trucks are shown at the drag strip Please visit:

1967 Dodge D100 Sweptline Truck For Sale
SOLD This is a beautiful original D100 Sweptline with its original 318 with its original 3 on the tree manual tranny. Finished in Beautiful Hemi Orange with black interior. She Runs fantastic and is extremely clean. With a straight body and clean interior and undercarriage she gets all the looks. I have Checked on CSS Registry and there is only 8 of these trucks none to be left and this is one of them. I have included a link below. CSS REGISTRY. Questions about our vehicles Contact Our Staff at Brown's Performance Motor Cars 410-553-6211

1978 Dodge Diesel Truck Very Rare Mopar
Walk-around and test drive of a rare 1978 Dodge Adventurer D200 3/4 4-speed A/C with a diesel 6DR5 made by Mitsubishi. This diesel engine was an one year only option. There are more Hemi Roadrunners out there than there are 78 Dodge Diesels. This is a rust free example of an unmolested truck that has spent its entire life in one county. THe title is still registered in the name of the original owner. The second owner took possession after the original owner passed. The second owner never licensed the truck or transferred title into his name. The third owner has never licensed or transferred title either. All three owners were friends of one another. Current owner says that original owner special ordered this truck just the way he wanted it making it a very rare model and possibly a one-of-one mopar truck. The video is a little long but when would I ever get a chance to make another with a truck like this?

1970 Dodge Dude Truck Restoration - Part 5 This video shows more sublime lime paint hitting the Dude's cab. We started with the door pillars, then moved to the central portion of the interior, (floor, dash, rear panel & roof). Also included in this video is the painted doors we've finished installing. Stay tuned for more Dodge Dude restoration videos coming soon!