Tank crushing car at Muckleburgh

A fine day, with a stiff breeze, glorious sunshine and a choppy sea in the background, providing a lovely backdrop to this T-55 tank crushing a small car. We were lucky enough to catch this happening at the Muckleburgh Collection, a museum of military vehicles, uniforms and memorabilia on the North Norfolk coast near Sheringham. Check out the website at http://www.muckleburgh.co.uk/ and drive safely;)

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Muckleburgh Military Collection Tank Display. 23/06/2012.
This is the Muckleburgh Military Museum http://www.muckleburgh.co.uk/ on the beautiful North Norfolk coast. Featuring M10 tank destroyer, Soviet T55 100mm MBT, Swiss Panzer 105mm PZ61, Soviet 85mm T34/85 and 2 British FV 433 Abbot 105mm SPGs. Unfortunately the M10 stopped with a clutch problem, but was still able to provide some noisy anti tank cover.

Swiss Panzer 61 at Muckleburgh Military Collection, 01/06/2014.
The Swiss designed and built, 150 Panzer 61 medium tanks between 1965 and 1967. This one is shown at the Muckleburgh Museum on the beautiful North Norfolk coast. Powered by a Mercedes-Benz 630hp 8 cyl. diesel engine. Main gun is a British, Royal Ordnance L7 105mm with 56 rounds.

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T-55 Tank extreme offroad
T-55 in action - moreover you can drive it!! Hungary, baj, www.tank.hu!