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Tank crushing car at Muckleburgh

A fine day, with a stiff breeze, glorious sunshine and a choppy sea in the background, providing a lovely backdrop to this T-55 tank crushing a small car. We were lucky enough to catch this happening at the Muckleburgh Collection, a museum of military vehicles, uniforms and memorabilia on the North Norfolk coast near Sheringham. Check out the website at http://www.muckleburgh.co.uk/ and drive safely;)


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T-55 tank vs cars!
A Czech built version of the Soviet Russian T-55 main battle tank crushes three vehicles at the Cloverdale Royal Canadian Legion hall in Surrey, BC ,Canada. The event was an open house at the Legion, and the tank was also doing a fund-raiser for the Surrey Food Bank. The tank is owned by Blueleader Enterprises, a movie prop company in Vancouver, BC.

Armored D9 Dozer crushing cars in Iraq
Ryan operating an Armored CAT D9 Dozer crushing cars and garbage in a dump in Iraq. We had to build an OP here...

Muckleburgh Military Collection Tank Display. 23/06/2012.
This is the Muckleburgh Military Museum http://www.muckleburgh.co.uk/ on the beautiful North Norfolk coast. Featuring M10 tank destroyer, Soviet T55 100mm MBT, Swiss Panzer 105mm PZ61, Soviet 85mm T34/85 and 2 British FV 433 Abbot 105mm SPGs. Unfortunately the M10 stopped with a clutch problem, but was still able to provide some noisy anti tank cover.

Defile of the tanks T-72M4CZ, T-55 and T-34
Defile of the tanks T-72M4CZ, T-55 and T-34

Muckleburgh Open Day 2013 Tanks and more !!
Some quadcopter footage first trial of the new yaw axis gimbal with Sony NEX5 camera. Struggled in the very windy conditions, and the free editing program (VideoPad) seems to have messed up the quality of moving tank section. The high shots of the Muckleburgh Collection have come out quite well as the conditions had improved by then......nearly there. The Muckleburgh Collection can be found at Weybourne North Norfolk and crammed with all sorts of military vehicles, planes, tanks and much more......

car crushing monster truck landrover discovery in Wakefield
car crushing without ramps or front propshaft(only 2 wheel drive for now)

Muckleburgh 2014
Our time at the Muckleburgh Military Weekend

M4A2 Sherman
Not british but what kind of tank show doesn't have a sherman, also this version of the M4 was never used by the US army they prefered the M4A3.

Chieftain tank crushing car
Chieftain tank crushing a vauxhall astra back in 2004 at a drive day in West Tofts, Norfolk, UK. When introduced to the British Army in 1966 it was the most powerful main gun´╗┐ and heaviest armour of any tank in the world.

Modern British Armour
More of the UK Tank Clubs weekend at the Muckleburgh Collection


T55 tank and armoured vehicle gong show
T55 tank crushing cars and taking people for rides. The press shows up complete with helicopters

Tank 4th of July
My 4th of July was spent watching a tank crush a Chrysler with real Corinthian Leather!!! He usually blows the car up 1st using mortars and gasoline & then runs it over, but the fire danger was too high this year...

Crushing Tony's car
Tony forgot about his car. A JCB track machine finished it off for him

Tank crushes little vauxhall
Hundreds more videos like this at www.youtube.com/timhawkes

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