Daytona Coupe at TWS

FFR Type 65 Coupe at Texas World Speedway on Saturday, Sep 26, 2009. Just finished the car Thursday night prior, so this was the first weekend to get some really gentle, mild, cautious(!), track time in. Was at the track with friends from Houston Cobra Club, and it ran great! This was run #4 at end of the day.

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Track Club USA - Autox - Devens May 18 2013 - 1965 FFR Type 65 Coupe

FFR Daytona Coupe Hunting Down GTR at Watkins Glen
#56 FFR Coupe Hunting Down Nissan GTR at Watkins Glen.

Ferrari 250 GTO '64 vs 3 Cobra's and 3 Shelby Cobra Daytona coupe's at Zandvoort!
Gentlemens Drivers cup at the Historic Grand Prix 2016. Almost in the evening, Jan Lammers '88 Le Mans winner takes the wheel of a Ferrari 250 GTO '64 build by Roelofs Engineering. He takes on the Shelby Cobra's and Shelby Daytona coupe's, the main rival of Ferrari back in the sixties. Jan starts as 2nd but finished at 7th. I believe the GTO is a recreation build on a 1963 250 GT chassis, there are only 3 of the real '64 model. But nonetheless, you can see this 250 GTO as the real thing only it is build by Roelofs Engineering in The Netherlands instead of Ferrari. Maybe it's even better made with modern tools. Roelofs Engineering prepare and restore Italian cars, mainly Ferrari's from all over the world and are one of the best. At the Goodwood revival 2016 for example, Tom Kristensen won in a 250 GT SWB prepared by Roelofs Engineering. Results (sadly not with the cars only drivers): ic%20Grand%20Prix/Gentleman%20Drivers%20-%20Race.pdf

FFR Type 65 Daytona Coupe Drive
Local Drive in the Daytona Coupe FFR Type 65