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Supercharged Mercury Mountaineer, 'Boosted Mountaineer'

A supercharged Mercury Mountaineer with Brodix Racing heads, Precision Industries Torque Converter, a custom set of Torque Monster Headers, Full Comp Cams kit, Manley Push Rods, 4.10 gears, custom lowered suspension, Fiberglassed dashboard with Clarion NICE, DVD, GPS and much more. Boosted mountaineer, sound sensations


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2004 mercury Mountaineer rear hub change
2004 mountaineer and ford explorer rear hub bearing change, after wheel was making a loud humming noise.Emergency break shoe replacement,pressed on the bearings myself .

Brenspeed Supercharged Mountaineer Adrenalin Sport Trac Explorer Supercharger
Brenspeed conversion on SUV's and SUT's. Saleen Superchargers.

Supercharged Mercury Mountaineer 2
Supercharged Mercury Mountaineer 5.0 V8! Lowered, Saleen 18x9 wheels, locked rear-end, and Exhaust. http://www.explorerexpress.com http://www.explorerforum.com/

My 99' Explorer - No Muffler w/ Lighting Style Exhaust
No Muffler w/ Lighting Style Exhaust

Ford Explorer/Mercury Mountaineer Vs. Honda Accord NHTSA Full Frontal Impact
A full-frontal test performed at 96 Km/h Explorer Driver-Passenger HIC 190-293 Chest G's 37-44 Left Femur 579-361 Right Femur 211-2049 Accord Driver-Passenger HIC 646-437 Chest G's 45-50 Left Femur 1176-93 Right Femur 1235-169

2002 Mercury Mountaineer AWD V8 Start Up, Rev, & Quick Tour - 99k
Start Up & Rev of a 2002 Mercury Mountaineer AWD V8. This truck has a 4.6L SOHC V8 Churning 240 HP while paired to a 5 Spd auto. This truck had 99k & I think it's the best sounding explorer/mountaineer V8 of the 2002-2005 generation that I've ever heard. Engine revved smoothly. Doesn't seem to have a rev limiter either cause I took it passed 5500 RPM. This engine is used in many other Fords like the Lincoln Town Car, Crown Vic, Mustang, & etc.

2005 Mercury Mountaineer Premier Quick Start, and Tour
Pretty nice mercury that came in for detailing

Saleen Supercharged Mountaineer Explorer Brenspeed
Saleen Supercharger conversion on a 2008 Explorer

Ford Explorer/Mercury Mountaineer Vs. Honda Accord NHTSA-Style Side Impact
An NHTSA-Style side impact performed at 54 Km/h Explorer Driver-Passenger HIC 65-122 Chest G's 17-14 Left Femur 356-148 Right Femur 358-111 Accord Driver-Rear Passenger HIC 250-568 Pelvis Deceleration (g's) 77

2003 Mercury Mountaineer Door key Pad Code
where to find door key pad code

Ford Explore 5.0 v8 whipple supercharger
Ford explorer v8 limited 5.0 , Edelbrock Performer RPM Cylinder Heads, custom Hedders, kb pistons, Cap Girdles, original cam, Baumann transmission kit.

Transmission Problems (Mountaineer/Explorer)
I own a 2002 Mercury Mountaineer and I have been experiencing some tranny problems with it. My transmission refuses to shift past 45 mph causing a lot of problems for me. According to many auto review websites this car and the Ford Explorer counterpart are not strangers to this sort of problem.

Ranger 5.0 5 Speed Running It Through The Gears Classic G-Body Garage
Running the Ranger throught the gears for the first time this year. Unfortunately its off to storage but happy it won't sit outside any more.

Differential Problems (Mountaineer/Explorer)
My truck has been making this constant ticking sound from one of the rear tires. I took it into a mechanic and found out the rear differential was making all that noise. It turns out a few teeth have broken off the gears and metal shavings were coming off as a result of both poor lubrication and harsh winters. In addition that I had to replace many other parts on the truck as they were rusted out. My rear axle was rusted out and on the verge of collapse and my CV boot and driveshaft had to be replaced. Total repair cost: $1100.00 (with used/refurbished parts) I brought this vehicle up from Georgia where snow and salt are practically nonexistent to a place battered by harsh winters and road salt. Vehicle was spotless when brought up but it was eaten up in the course of three years. Always rustproof your car, do this for the longevity of the parts in your vehicle or else you will face costly repairs in the future.

Mercury Mountaineer Stereo Removal 2002-2005
F R E E - R E P A I R - E S T I M A T E S http://www.CarStereoHelp.com/ford.htm

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