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Honda XR650R twin pipe

sound example Honda XR650R Crf Hybrid Twin pipe


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Honda XR650R Baja 1000
The good part that just made me drop some coin on a used one of these...

Honda XR650R
Honda XR650R

2006 Honda XR650R Dirt Bike Test - MotoUSA
MotorcycleUSA.com takes the 2006 Honda XR650R out for a test before sending it off to Precision Concepts to get ready for the Baja 1000.

THE STORY about my HONDA XR 125 L
↨ READ DESCRIPTION ↨ Music: 1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NJIjvOdhx9o&list=PLmrtpf8tyQWyIWjkKMS8S5tRN TPkjdelg&index=7 2. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BWuiTcGQZak&list=PLmrtpf8tyQWyIWjkKMS8S5tRN TPkjdelg&index=13 Be a part of hibastard65 and buy a Hoodie,T-shirt etc. MY SHOP http://769282.spreadshirt.de/ Facebook Fanpage: https://www.facebook.com/hibastard65 Don't forget to watch in HD Enjoy and leave your feedback ! LIKE, COMMENT AND SUBSCRIBE^^

Honda XR650R Exhaust Comparison
I wished someone had done a sound comparison on a few different mufflers when I was shopping for my system, so I put together a comparison of the stock muffler tip, the HRC tip, the FMF Q4 pipe, and the Q4 pipe and powerbomb header. this test was ran on an uncorked XR 650R with a UNI filter.

Grudge Match: 2013 Kawasaki KX250F vs. 1983 Honda XR200
It has been said that skill on two wheels is decidedly "not about the bike". While this may be partially true, there's always some gray area when it comes to the battle of skill vs. equipment. To put this theory to the test, bike builder Jay Clark conducted a little video experiment where he put an average Joe on a modern KX250F against Dirt Rider test rider Gary Sutherlin aboard a clapped out old bike. The result? You'll have to see for yourself, but we will say this: Gary makes the old XR look pretty dang fast!

2003 Honda XR 650R STREET LEGAL for sale, $4,800
this is my 'King of Baja' bike for sale...extremely hard to find a street legal copy in Washington State. here it is...this bike does it all

Honda XR 125 L
Petit tour avec ma 125 malgré le 2 ou 3°C afficher au thermomètre x) . Abonnez vous si vous avez aimé ;)

Honda XR650R Road Test
Nick Hine tests Honda's XR650R. To buy this DVD visit www.drivenandridden.co.uk

XR 650 Turbo
Rew limiter on asphalt this time

XR650R VS WR444 supermoto drag race
Uncorked XR650R vs a fully built Yamaha WR444. Yamaha gets the jump and keeps lead for a bit, but the big XR starts to reel it in right before letting off. Race filmed in Mexico.

Honada XR650R & XR600R na wodą globtdm

Cammed out Honda XR 650R
Little video of my Honda XR 650R it's got a stage II hotcam, stage II Dynojet kit, K&N filter, and baffle delete. First start so it's kinda rough. Very very very fast!!! Raise's the front wheel in 5th gear going 30!!!!! Sorry for the audio, it's a bit too loud for the camera so it sounds kind of off. I'm not revving it but once, the cam is so big it lopes up and down by itself! It's a MONSTER!!!!

2012 TM MX 125 - Features Babis SkyRider www.motobay.gr
2012 TM MX 125 - Features Babis SkyRider www.motobay.gr

XR650R/400EX Hybrid Quad 1 Overview
Quick overview if my Hybrid Quad project that's been sitting around in my basement for the past year. It is a 400EX based hybrid and will have an XR650R dirt bike motor. This project got sidelined when I cracked my 250R's cylinder last year, and I'm doing this video to get my attention back on it. I'm calling this project "The Hooptie", because both the donor quad and XR motor were junk. The motor had blown a crank when the previous owner ran it low of oil (the XR650R is vulnerable to running low on oil) and I've worked it back to what is hopefully running condition. Won't find out until the conversion is complete and I can start it in the chassis. Comments and thoughts are welcome.

Which car is faster? Which Car is Faster?

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