Honda XR650R twin pipe

sound example Honda XR650R Crf Hybrid Twin pipe

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XR650R Honda at 1/8 mile track
My son racing my Honda XR650R dirt bike at the drag race

Honda XR 650 R XR650R globtdm Olsztyn
Honda XR 650 R XR650R globtdm Olsztyn

Honda XR650R Exhaust Comparison
I wished someone had done a sound comparison on a few different mufflers when I was shopping for my system, so I put together a comparison of the stock muffler tip, the HRC tip, the FMF Q4 pipe, and the Q4 pipe and powerbomb header. this test was ran on an uncorked XR 650R with a UNI filter.

2006 Honda XR650R Dirt Bike Test - MotoUSA takes the 2006 Honda XR650R out for a test before sending it off to Precision Concepts to get ready for the Baja 1000.