ATP Turbo/ Street Legal Talon runs 9.97@138

Sacramento Raceway- 10/13/2012 - Last grudgefest of the year. ATP turbo Street Legal Talon runs 9.97@138 on stock drivetrain and M&H DOT slicks. The tune is still soft and still learning how to launch on the GT4094 1.06 AR.

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Sacramento Grudgefest June 20, 2015
This is a video compilation taken at Sacramento Raceway Park's Grudgefest event on June 20, 2015. The small tire shootout winner was George Raygoza; the big tire shootout winner was Scott Gemignani. The small tire and big tire shootout was organized by Team Boddie Racing, Monti Fitzgerald, and Team We.

V8's show up to a Import Race 2015 Sacramento raceway CMI
Some v8 action at the first race in sac

1990 Eagle Talon TSI AWD stock 14b turbo no nitrous 11.812 @ 115.69
Took my Stock 14b project back out to the strip, trying to best last months 11.903 @ 114.82 - Goal met! Still on the street tires. 09-26-12 Milan Dragway Also, if you disagree with my opinion on the staging, that's fine, I'm overly safety conscious.

SplitSecondRacing 14b Goes out on borrowed Slicks!
09-28-12 1990 Eagle Talon TSI AWD 14b turbocharger A huge thanks to P.V. 99GstRacer for lending me his Motegi Traklite 2's with 26" Hoosier QTP's. Launches felt amazing! The 11.541 puts the car in the #5 spot on the 14b times list, all time without Nitrous!