A ride along in a stock LS4 454 1974 Monte Carlo

What its like riding along in my 1974 LS4 Monte Carlo

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454 1977 Monte Carlo Racing the 1/4 Mile
This is a 1977 Monte Carlo with a 454 engine racing the 1/4 mile.

1974 Monte Carlo
Low mileage, rust free, cold as ice AC, swivel buckets, Tuxedo Black

1974 Chevrolet Monte Carlo Landau 454 Skyroof numbers-matching survivor muscle car walk-around.
We decided to do a walk-around video of our survivor, numbers-matching big block Monte Carlo equipped also with the electric skyroof. Aside from the repainted area (in 1983) of the roof where the vinyl covering used to be, the paint on this vintage muscle car is 100% factory original and despite its many visible battle scars, we aim to keep it that way. In many places the paint is worn down to the metal due to waxing and polishing over the decades, and a beautiful bluing is visible as you'd find on an old rifle or handgun. In addition, the paint has lots of micro-cracking visible at very close range, and scars from when a radiator hose blew at high speed many years ago, leaving a trail of coolant stains all over the car. To add more to the story, there are myriad rock chips in the paint, especially in the front and lower portions of the car. We feel this all adds character and attests to the hard driving it experienced in its younger days. This kind of patina cannot be reproduced and thus will stay with the car. This year we rebuilt the front end and suspension of the car, and painted all the components, including the frame. During this time, we also found date code stamps and VIN stamps in the frame and cross member, also attesting to the originality of the Monte. We also elected to perform some reversible improvements to the car, consisting of removing the A/C equipment and smog pump. The car runs better now. Enjoy!

Ralphs 74 monte carlo 1
Walk around of Ralphs 74 Monte Carlo