A ride along in a stock LS4 454 1974 Monte Carlo

What its like riding along in my 1974 LS4 Monte Carlo

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1974 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray 454-4 V-8 turbo-Jet, Super T-10 4-speed close ratio Gear Box Corvette C3 Coupe model for North America U.S. (up to September), 2-door coupe with manual 4-speed and 7443 cm3 / 201.5 kW (270 hp / 274 PS); Ok.. Here we have a fine example of a Corvette Big block. I hear it a lot. The Mustang GT is faster, my Supra turbo is faster, my this is faster than that.. Your LS4 454 only makes 270hp and 400 ft/lbs at the rear wheels.. And on and on and on. Look.. I do not care what the ratings say.. I have had this car tested at it is rated at 280hp and 430 ft/lbs at 9000 feet.. Yea.. That is right.. 9000 feet.. So.. Do the math.. You can up all that by 36 percent if you are at sea level. That means that this car makes 381hp and a whopping 582 ft/lbs at sea level or 1 atmosphere. That's right.. On pump gas 91 or less.. This car has no adders only cubes. Chevy Power Baby.. It will run 13's at 110mph at 9000 feet !!! That is being nice and still spinning the tires first through 2nd and still going through the traps at 110 mph !! Experts tell me it is a 12 second car. But this is not a Drag car anyway. This is a sport Touring car.. At 9000 feet !! This car eats crotch rockets. I know.. I have crotch rockets. The 1 liter bikes will get me off the line. Roll on.. No way.. I suck them up and spit them out !! Here is a video of me being nice and careful with the car. No dumping the clutch and having a melt down and tearing up my car. Just smooth and gradual.. If you got em, light em !! and.. If you are in the Denver Area.. Let me know what you got and if you want to play.. Enjoy the ride !!!

1974 LS4 454 Monte Carlo
This is my stock 1974 LS4 454 Monte Carlo, 30k original miles. Sorry for the white out at times, its been under 15 degrees for over a week now, and the snow wont melt. This 1974 LS4 car was ordered in October 1973 in North Carolina by a state trooper, he ordered it with the LS4 454 big block, duel Exhaust, power windows and locks, tilt wheel, A/C, F41 suspension, Rally gauge package, lighting group, AM/FM radio, HR 70X15-B white stripe tires, Landau poly cast rims, J50 power brakes, front and rear impact strips, dealer installed HEI, 2.73 rear end gears single track. Even being from the mid 70's, it still packs a powerful punch. the car was built November 1973, it is all numbers matching down to the 750 Rochester carburetor.

1974 454 monte carlo at the dragstip
all stock LS4 454 monte carlo, 2.73 gears and turbo 400 tranny, ran a 9.43 at 67mph!

1974 Monte Carlo
Low mileage, rust free, cold as ice AC, swivel buckets, Tuxedo Black