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TKO 600 Faceplate driving
Just some driving after putting my Liberty Faceplated TKO 600 back in. Not nearly as bad as they make it out to be.

Faceplated T56
This is an in-car video of my LS6 powered, 1988 RX7, with a Liberty faceplated T56.

Liberty Faceplated Tremec TKO Spring Testing
11.49 @117.5mph 60ft: 1.56 1/8: 7.29 @ 93.0mph 306, stock crank, rods, 0.030 OEM forged piston, TFS 170cc TWs (64cc chamber), F303, Holley Systemax II, 75mmTB, 85mm C&L MAF, Anderson Power Pipe, modified 13/4 BBK longtubes (3in), 3" Flowmaster Bullets, Liberty Faceplated TKO 500, 4.10 Gear,

faceplated tko600, 393 stroker