FX-79 Buffalo Long Range FPV Flying Wing Review

Long Range FPV has its own charms and attractions. But one serious and most important question that every long range FPV pilot has in their mind right at the beginning is, What RC Plane will be the best Long Range plane offering, all the space they need to setup their gear on, Super stable flight performance, Great cruising Speed and long flight endurance? Well New Zeta Science and Technology answered all the above requirements plus much more with their new amazing 2 meter Flying wing, the FX-79 Buffalo. This plane comes in 3 pieces, that means wings detached, Assembling and Setting up this plane was a breeze, Wings attach and detach so quick that makes this giant flying wing a very transportation and storage friendly. Setting up CG is another breeze, and flight performance is simply admirable. If setup right, once you throw it in the air and put on your FPV goggles, you are for sure going to fall in love with this plane. FX-79 Buffalo offers, not only plenty of space inside its fuselage to mount all of your FPV gear but also offers, super stable flight, cruise speeds upto 100kmph, a great stall free slow soaring for windy days, and aerobatic capabilities. Feel free to explore the places flying long range FPV with your long range gear. This is indoor review with some FPV flights footage teaser. I shall post full flight videos and FPV flights soon. Thanks to Maker Studios for another great year! Click this link to join me at Maker and power up your YouTube channel http://awe.sm/dHfX9 All AliShanMao Video fans can now get your AliShanMao Logo Shirt here http://www.rodeoarcade.com/products/alishanmao-panther-tee Comments and feedback welcome at alishanmao@gmail.com , info@onlyflyingmachines.com and alishanmaolife@gmail.com Don't forget to visit http://www.onlyflyingmachines.com , and Subscribe to http://www.youtube.com/alishanmaolife and http://www.youtube.com/alishanmao

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zeta fx79 buffalo maiden flight
maiden flight for hugo and its brand new zeta wing, the fx79 buffalo. fy superbly, stable, very nice product, unfortunately couldn t do a fpv test cause of the shitty (as always) firmware of his immersion rc rx

Flite Test - FX-79 Buffalo - Build, Tune, Fly
From box to air, Josh show you how to Build, Tune, and Fly the FX-79 Buffalo! Flying starts at: 23:12 For the FX-79 Buffalo - Let's Fly! - http://flitetest.com/articles/fx79-let-s-fly For more Flite Test - http://flitetest.com/authors/FliteTest

Zeta Fx-61 My Setup for Long Range
Link to the Zeta Fx-61 Phantom- http://goo.gl/Do7V6X To help support my channel and to see more videos like this: http://patreon.com/7demo7 This is how I have my Zeta Fx-61 set up for long range flight. I use either a 3s 8000mah or 4s 5200 mah. With the 8000mah batteries I achieve over 30 min of flight.

Zeta Fx-79 Long Range Setup
I bought it here-( currently on sale) https://goo.gl/pXKFPB Just an overview of my Zeta Fx-79 after installing the long range gear. My Fpv Cam- https://goo.gl/e35rrZ