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Corridor H Expressway (US-48) East. Forman to Wardensville, WV

This video follows the Corridor H Expressway eastbound beginning at Forman and ending at the highway's eastern terminus in Wardensville, WV. This is the eastbound counterpart to the video I shot on October 30, 2010.


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I-70 West between Frederick and Hagerstown, MD
This video Interstate 70 westbound from just outside of Frederick, MD towards Hagerstown, MD

I-270 North, Maryland
This video follows I-270 North through Montgomery County, MD.

U.S. Route 48 West, West Virginia (Corridor H) by Motorcycle - Part 1 of 2 (Scenic)
This is one beautiful hunk of slab. Typically, slab is only used to get us from A to B and then we greedily leave off to hit the twisties. While I won't be adding this to every ride into eastern WV, this for sure won't be the last I see of this road this year. It's that damned fun and gorgeous to ride on... Highly recommended for all sorts of riders. This year (2015) this video will be replaced by one without a bug on the camera lens, and continuing to the new terminus of Corridor H/US 48. https://maps.google.com/maps?saddr=Moorefield,+WV+26836&daddr=US-48&hl=en&s ll=39.169652,-79.096779&sspn=0.239287,0.528374&geocode=FToLVAIdgAVL-ympySng NhS1iTHwZsaSZkv8Bg%3BFWplVgIdf0tH-w&oq=mount+&mra=dme&mrsp=1&sz=12&t=m&z=12

I-66 West to US-17 North to US-50 West, North Central Va.
Starts out on I-66 West near Haymarket, VA and follows US-17 North to US-50 over Ashby's Gap in the Blue Ridge Mountains.

Richmond, VA Part 1: Northbound
Starts at I-295 North over to VA-895 West then to I-95 North and then VA-195 West through Richmond, VA

MA-2 West, Mohawk Trail, Northwestern Mass./Berkshires
This follows MA-2 West, Mohawk Trail, from Shelburne Falls to North Adams.

I-64 over Afton Mountain, VA Version 2.0
This drive takes you on I-64 over Afton Mountain in Central Virginia. Meant to be a "cleaned up" version of the one I did back in May. Note: Video may appear blurry immediatley after upload.

Prince William Parkway, Woodbridge to Manassas, Northern Virginia
This follows SR-3000/VA-234 across Prince William County from Woodbridge to Manassas, ending at I-66 East. Music: Downtown Venus by PM Dawn.

Lynchburg, VA. - Downtown and US-29 Business
This video follows VA-163 into downtown Lynchburg, eventually making our way to US-29 Business (old US-29 Bypass) to the south end of town.

I-91 North, Springfield, MA
This follows I-91 through Springfield, MA and points north.

K1600GT Close Call 39 sec....
Riding near Wardensville, WV, I never it coming!

Skoda Forman Joyride on D11 highway
Skoda Forman Joyride on czech D11 highway..

US-29 South, Central Virginia, Culpeper to Madison
This was SUPPOSED to be a highway with a nice mountain vista in the background but thank you mother nature for obscuring it this morning in haze and fog. I was thinking of scrapping this video, but decided just to post it anyway.

On the way home from West Virginia yesterday (6/22/12), shortly after I crossed back into Ohio from Ravenswood, WV on Rt 33 near Racine, OH, I rolled up on this M.V.A....a pickup truck and 2 semi's. I would guess more than likely, the pickup truck was in a big hurry to get around the U.S.Express semi nearing the top of the hill and jumped out to pass it, not being able to see the flatbed coming around the curve. I run this road several times a week and have seen ALOT of near misses. I've even had one asshole jump out to pass me and had to hit the shoulder on the other side of the road to keep from hitting a minivan head-on AND NEVER LET UP.... I can still see the look of terror on the face of the woman driving the minivan....it was on this very same road only a few miles further up from where I am in this video.

Roll Out from Dollar General Store, West Virginia 07-14-2013
Dollar General 417 E Main St Wardensville, WV 26851 (304) 874-4264

Which car is faster? Which Car is Faster?

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1996 Saturn SC2 : 9.221 @ 144.400
MICHAEL COLLINS, Engine: sm.blk. chevy 441 ci., Tires: goodyear 32x14

1992 Saturn SC2 Turbo: 11.030 @ 129.200
Unknown, Engine: 1.9, Turbos: Yes

2008 Victory Vision Custom: 11.339 @ 116.200
Carl Cicchetto, Engine: Stock, Supercharger: N/A Turbos: N/A Tires: Metzeler front Avon rear

2008 Victory Vision : 11.550 @ 111.760
Carl Cicchetto, Engine: Stock, Supercharger: NA Turbos: NA Tires: Stock

2008 Victory Vision : 11.670 @ 112.630
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1989 Plymouth Voyager se: 12.260 @ 109.980
Corby Lines, Engine: 2.5, Turbos: sc61 precision

2008 Victory Vision Street: 12.432 @ 105.050
Carl Cicchetto, Engine: stock, Supercharger: na Turbos: na Tires: stock

2008 Victory Vision Street: 12.620 @ 104.290
Carl Cicchetto,

2008 Victory Vision Street: 13.248 @ 97.790
Carl Cicchetto,

1995 Saturn SC2 : 13.400 @ 107.000
Sef, Engine: 1.9 (LLO) DOHC Fully Built,

2008 Victory Vision : 13.518 @ 97.380
Mike Snyder, Engine: Freedom 106/6,

1995 Saturn SC2 Supercharged: 13.940 @ 100.000
Eric, Engine: 1.9L, Supercharger: yes Turbos: - Tires: Falken 615's 205/50/15

1995 Saturn SC2 : 14.003 @ 98.950
Michael, Engine: 16v DOHC 4cyl, Tires: 205/40/17

1998 Saturn SC2 : 14.138 @ 99.940
Paul McCann, Engine: 1.9 DOHC, Turbos: Turbonetics T-3 Tires: Factory equip. Firestone

1997 Saturn SC2 : 14.277 @ 99.430
Doug DeGeorge, Engine: 1.9L, Tires: Nitto 450 205/45/16

1994 Saturn SC2 : 14.279 @ 98.510
Jeff Peck, Engine: 1.9L, Tires: Nitto 555R extreme drag

1995 Saturn SC2 SUPERCHARGED: 14.324 @ 95.530
Adam Chant, Engine: 1.9L stock rebuild, Supercharger: Powerdyne BD-600 Tires: Nitto 555 ET Front - Fiercrap back

2014 Skoda Octavia VRS 2.0tsi dsg: 14.400 @ 97.000

1998 Saturn SC2 : 14.463 @ 98.000
Chris Henderson, Engine: 1.9 Inline 4, dohc, 16 valve, Turbos: GReddy Tires: Nitto NT-555

1997 Saturn SC2 : 14.518 @ 100.240
Doug DeGeorge, Engine: 1.9 L, Tires: Nitto 450 205/45/16


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