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The Car Crash: Truck Collides with a Mercedes Benz in a Tunnel

http://www.TheCarCrash.com Both truck and a Mercedes go for the middle lane. No one thinks the other is doing the same. Suddenly truck crashes into the Benz making it drag in front of of the truck. Driver of the Mercedes is the luckiest driver in Australia. No doubt satisfied with his choice of car. Visit http://www.TheCarCrash.com for more videos!


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Mercedes Crash Compilation #2
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Car Crash Compilation # 63
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CAR CRASH COMPILATION LONG 2014 - 1 Hour Full Crashes Compilation - NO.1
1 Hour Car Crash Compilation 2013-2014 (Best Of) Full Video with original sounds. Subscriber and Drive Safe!

Аварии грузовиков 2014 Грузовики,Фуры,дальнобойщики ДТП сильнейшее.
Дорогие друзья,Берегите себя и близких на дороге!Ведь жизнь дается всего лишь раз и надо ее прожить достойно. Пускай вы лучше опоздайте чем потом всю жизнь некуда будет спешить.Ты понимаешь, жизнь стоит того, чтобы снизить скорость.Смотрите и задумайтесь!!! Musiс:- http://audiomicro.com

Большая подборка аварий грузовиков/Big compilation of truck crashes
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NEW scary car accident in Russia!!Toyota Rav4 kamikaze crash!ДТП aвария
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Rolls Royce decides to commit suicide on a road in Serbia. P.S. this isn't my video. P.P.S. stfu already, it's not fake.

Подборка Аварий Грузовиков / Truck Crash Compilation / © #34 / Аварии Грузовиков 2015 / Аварии и ДТП
Новая подборка невероятно жестоких аварии с грузовиками, фурами. Подборка аварии грузовиков и ДТП © 2014-2015 http://vk.com/superdalnoboishik Music: Instrumental Core - Gray Zone Skorge-The_Battle Breex-Days Without You (Original Mix) Друзья,если вам понравилось видео,не забудьте подписаться на новые выпуски. Супер Дальнобойщик © Дальнобой #1

SMART car crash (TEST)

2007 Mercedes S600 Burnout with Renntech & Carlsson upgrades by GMP Performance
This S600 needed a new set of tires so rather than give them up, the owner decided to use them up. This Burnout made possible with the aid of a Renntech ECU upgrade, Renntech lowering module and a set of Carlsson forged wheels.

RR Phantom Destruction....!!!!
The majestic Rolls Royce Phantom is bombarded with bullets and then the unthinkable. Proper grenades detonated under this lavish luxury limo. It withstands it all. Just awesome. I love Rolls Royce....!!!!

Подборка Аварий Грузовиков / Truck Crash Compilation / © #39 / Аварии Грузовиков 2015 / Аварии и ДТП
Подборка жестоких аварии с грузовиками. Аварии грузовиков и ДТП на трассе Ижевск - Можга и другие. © 2014-2015 http://vk.com/superdalnoboishik Music: EpicMix (Michael McCann) - [h+]^3 (Deus Ex_HR Mix) Сбор денежный средств и всю необходимую информацию об УЖАСНОЙ аварии вы можете увидеть http://vk.com/udmurtiya18rus?w=wall-49248213_1079928 Друзья,если вам понравилось видео,не забудьте подписаться на новые выпуски. Супер Дальнобойщик © Дальнобой #1

Best Police Chase ever - Insane truck driving GTA style
Police chases in Dallas Texas, the driver stole the truck, and waves in and out of traffic dangerously. He hits several cars and even a school bus. Eventually he gets shot by police

Best truck crashes, truck accident compilation 2014 Part 19
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2012 Mercedes Benz M-Class Crash Test
The front end structure, with its high energy-absorption potential, is essentially made up of the firewall and two lines of longitudinal members, anchored at the A-pillars. Two vertical members link the longitudinal members, which further increase deformation resistance. The necessary rigidity and strength of the floor assembly is provided by a robust structure made up of a separate center tunnel plus separate longitudinal members along each side, attached to the side wall. These are supported by cross members anchored to the floor as well as by a connecting member to the B-pillar as support for the front structure. The extremely robust side wall assembly comprises, quite apart from the longitudinal members described above and the side roof frame, A-pillars in a dual-casing design, internally reinforced with high strength steel. In a side collision, the cross member beneath the cowl, the cross member between the longitudinal members underneath the pedal floor, the high-strength-steel cross member beneath the driver's seat and the magnesium-alloy cross member underneath the instrument panel, as well as the front roof frame, ensure the highest possible stability of the occupant cell. The positioning of the fuel tank in front of the rear axle and of the filler neck over the rear axle increases the available deformation distance, maximizing the level of energy absorption in the event of a rear-end collision. This is achieved, above all, through the boxshaped design of the rear longitudinal members. http://www.eurocarnews.com/0/0/1376/0/video-the-third-generation-of-the-mer cedes-benz-m-class-sets-a-new-benchmark-in-the-suv-segment.html

Which car is faster? Which Car is Faster?

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