Potatoes in Norway - Poteter i Norge

Potato production From farm to fork Fra jord til bord Studsrød gård packing Slagenpakkeriet Slagen Tønsberg Vestfold potetproduksjon 2009-10

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Sheep in Norway - sauer i Nissedal
Sheep during one year, 2009-10 Takk til saue-eierne og takk til BBsciencelab for Milly Pus-klippene!

Slippery road course Norway Glattkjøringskurs Norge
Driving education include courses for slippery road, dark driving, first aid, etc.

Potato Harvest 2011
potato harvest 2011 was a good 1, they finished all the fields around me ( about 100 acres) in under 2 days, i got a ride with a nice welsh man who was in a 6930, he took me all the way to the yard! there was lots of john deere (6630, 6830, 6930) 2 claas ( axion 840 and axion 640) 1 new holland(T6080) and 1 deutz (x720), with a variety of trailers ( warwick,mediema,ktwo and bailey), i will have the other videos up soon!!! enjoy

Spring Sweeping - John Deere 5100R, Wille 335B, Volvo FM & Fendt 716 Vario
Street sweeping in Oslo, Norway with Volvo FM 550 pulling a Broddway sweeper, John Deere 5100R with a sweeper roller pushing gravel and leaves into the road, Wille 335B sweeping leaves from the sidewalk curb and at the end a Fendt 716 Vario tractor spraying water into the street for minimizing the dust.