Potatoes in Norway - Poteter i Norge

Potato production From farm to fork Fra jord til bord Studsrød gård packing Slagenpakkeriet Slagen Tønsberg Vestfold potetproduksjon 2009-10

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Potatoes from Egypt
In the winter the UK imports potatoes from Egypt, grown in the desert with seed from Scotland, water from one-time 350m deep wells, packed in peat from Ireland then it's a 2 week ship ride to the UK. Some 11,000 miles in total.

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Sheep in Norway - sauer i Nissedal
Sheep during one year, 2009-10 Takk til saue-eierne og takk til BBsciencelab for Milly Pus-klippene!

Potato Planting at Kallas Gård
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