Billet Turbochargers - Jamboree 2010 OKE020 wins Modified 10.5

OKE020 Running a Billet 88mm turbo. Won the 10.5 modified section with a Billet turbocharger made from Mr turbo Australia!

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Scotts car 008.avi
OKE20 - cold start

OKE020 Jamboree 2013 8.03 @ 163 HeadGasket Fail
Headgasket down ha ha

Wheels UP Chevy Nova Outlaw 10.5
Frank Mamone's Outlaw 10.5 blown (HEMI V8 471ci powered) Nova is always entertaining to watch. The 6-second Chevy struggled to get a clean pass for the weekend at the APSA Pro Street Shootout held at Willowbank Raceway.

OKE020 Running in Super Sedan Jan 02
Was having huge trouble keeping the wheels on the ground, also thinking its starting to spin across the line