My isuzu stylus doing the most awesome burnout ever!!

I do a burnout in my car and it leads up to an awesome ending.

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Potato in the tailpipe launch
I try to launch a potato from my Exhaust.

How to tow a car out of Snow
Don't use a small Geo Storm and a Big Truck!!!

Isuzu Impulse AWD Turbo
Just filming my bro's car for him, we get joined by a skyline as well. Enjoy to see my new videos go to my other account nooneswatching or my website

Burnout competition - Tire EXPLODES!!
The driver of this Ford F350 put on a sweet smoke show... until something went wrong... Event was Al's Offroad Mudrun and Burnout competition at Brockton Fairgrounds in Brockton, MA, 10-7-2007