My isuzu stylus doing the most awesome burnout ever!!

I do a burnout in my car and it leads up to an awesome ending.

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Extreme Burnout Till Rim Explode and wheel on fire
I uploaded this movie for the people who are interested in it, enjoy and maybe you like my other videos. burn by rkolsteeg

big burnout till car catches on fire
my uncle did a burnout till the tire set on fire

Burnout EXTREM Golf II Speednation 2009
The best burnout ever on speednation (in 2009) at the end the car runs over 200km/h without "driving" see the training-video if you like:

Idiot Blows up Hyundai Genesis 2.0t
Idiot drifts in a parking lot and puts a hole in the block cause pieces of the engine are scattered everywhere