Three days of Pro Mods at Mission Raceway 2012

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New Pro Mod Burns
Jim Bell's new Mustang with Jim Obalek at the wheel have a bad test run. The race track asked me not to show the pics. of the car after this run but the video was o.k.ed

Alastaro Nitro Nationals 2012, Pro Mods line up for round 3
Pro Mods lining up for their third round qualification runs on Saturday morning. I wish I could have filmed inside the fence so I would not have gotten bumped and showed by other spectators and could have used a tripod or a monopod. Location: Alastaro Circuit, Finland Event: FHRA Nitro Nationals 2012 (FIA & UEM) Camera: Canon 7D (both video and the few added photos) Audio: Canon 7D and Zoom H2n (gain 0)

Pro Mod Crash NHRA: Rickie Smith/Pete Farber
Rickie Smith gets loose at the finish line and has awful looking crash with Pete Farber during the second round of Pro Modified qualifying during the NHRA Thunder Valley Nationals. While Pete was able to walk away without injury, Rickie wasn't as lucky as he suffered a broken knee cap in the accident.

Outlaw 10 five Doorwarz 4 2016