Fait X19 Wide Body Turbo

Fiat X19 designed and built by Fully Loaded Cars All the body panels were hand made with sheet metal We will be replacing the original engine with a 1300 turbo from a Fiat Punto http://www.fullyloadedcars.com you can also follow our work on facebook here https://www.facebook.com/pages/Fully-Loaded-Cars/108260002539954

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Fiat X1/9 - Uno Turbo conversion in Dubai
We drive the classic Fiat X1/9, here with the Uno turbo conversion, in Dubai, UAE, with its owner Rehan Samee. Read on Motoring Middle East http://www.motoringme.com/features/1980-fiat-x19/

renovation Fiat x19 dallara

Fiat X1/9 insanity
Jeff tried to kill me today. again

Fiat X1/9 1300cc en cour de restauration
X1/9 1300cc de 1977 en cour de restauration, avec kit large dallara, jante ATS classic large, interrieur personnalisé blanc...