2013 Accord Gets 5 Star Rating in Vehicle Tests

The 2013 Honda Accord is impressing consumers and critics alike, achieving 5-star ratings in vehicle tests. To learn more, please visit: http://TheNewAccord.com

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2013 - 2014 Honda Accord CVT Race 0-60 Test Drive
2013 - 2014 Honda Accord CVT 0-60 MPH driving test. 2013 Honda Accord Sport with CVT transmission. Driven in 3 different modes. HondaPro Jason drives them all. A sport mode where you can see the rpm go right up 2 the RedLine and stay there as the car keeps accelerating. A sport mode using the paddle shifters. A regular drive mode where you can see and hear VTEC kick in. Driving a 2013 Honda Accord Sport you can hear the dual Exhaust and it sounds great. This was filmed and edited to show the power and acceleration of the Honda CVT transmission in a 0-60 MPH test. For more info on Honda please visit http://www.honda.com/ *This car was borrowed from a friend and is NOT a dealer owned car. HondaPro Jason did this test on a test track. with proper safety equipment. Please check out my other videos, please SUBSCRIBE and thank you for your support. Pleases contact me at Jason@hondaprojason.com with any further questions. HondaPro Jason is one of the top new car salesman at Schaumburg Honda Automobiles located in Schaumburg IL I created this video with the YouTube Video Editor (http://www.youtube.com/editor)

How to disable ANC system (active noise canceling) 2013 honda accord (two ways)
Quick video of how to disable the anc (active noise cancelling system) in a 2013 honda accord, im doing this because it was interfering with my subwoofer/amp. what the anc does is that it listens to road/engine vibrations and sends the opposite wavelength signal out the speakers to quiet the road/engine noise by (deconstructive interference). so if your having a subwoofer interference when the doors are shut this is most likely your problem. so this is how to fix the subwoofer from feedback noise, buzzing, hitting randomly. comment like and share. also shows you "how to wire a subwoofer with a stock radio or headunit" also if you own a honda or an acura, and or even older models, the procedure should be similar( may not be exactly the same) when disabling the active noise canceling, easy way to disable active noise canceling DIY, without cutting wires, safe, cheap, convenient. how to remove anc mic's on 2013 honda accord. how to disable anc system by radio. follow me on instagram/twitter @seungwoo17

2013 Honda Accord at Wesley Chapel Honda
http://www.wesleychapelhonda.com 866-929-6440 Call us today and save!

Honda Accord- 2013 Turbo System
Honda Company Introducing Honda Accord 2013 In Which They Added 25 Volt turbo With Auto Adjacent System.... Must Watch