Coanda Effect Flying Saucer

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Coanda effect saucer - Strijp-S
A flying saucer wanders through the empty offices and spaces of a former Philips factory in Eindhoven, The Netherlands. Coanda effect saucer built by Henri Rommelse a.k.a. Meneer72. Original video:

Magnus efeect plane ? マグナス効果のようなもの?RC ROTORWING

Coanda effect disc_wing_VTOL: gyro test
Testing of concept. Gyro stabilizing a disc wing that's supported from ABOVE center of gravity. Gonna try the gyro with the supports under CoG next time. I do have a curved collar for the motor base (so the air would flow better from the motor to the top of the disc, instead of a 90 degree turn), just forgot to include it here

Coandă effect Rev.
How man-made UFO levitate? 【2nd Edition】