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Coanda Effect Flying Saucer

http://www.ohgizmo.com http://jlnlabs.imars.com/gfsuav/n02.htm http://blog.wired.com/defense/2007/03/the_us_army_wou.html


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NuVinci Bicycle CVT
http://www.ohgizmo.com http://www.fallbrooktech.com/NuVinci.asp

My model of coanda effect flight sauser. The first successful test.
My video of my prototype vertical take-off and landing unmanned aircraft, which uses the Coanda effect to generate lift by blowing air from a central fan over its curved surface. It is a model of Aesir craft.. Link to test of my onboard computer prototype implemented for thricopter flight system: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sfdH2tGgF1g Just for information, Coanda effect is : "The Coandă effect /ˈkwɑːndə/ is the tendency of a fluid jet to be attracted to a nearby surface." http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Coand%C4%83_effect , http://jnaudin.free.fr/images/coandapat1.gif

Homebuilt DIY Flying Saucer (Economy Model) Concept
Download simulator: http://www.thenerdshow.com/index.php?page=ufo That Moller skycar scares me. Have you seen the video? I can make one that's safer and quieter, if not faster, at one tenth the cost. Ok, at least I think so. This is just a concept sketch, but now you can test drive it, thanks to blender's game engine. Our economy model experimental electric powered parachute supports vertical take-off and landing and has built-in collision reducing air bags, parachute, solar, fuel cells. Inflatable, collapsible construction for easy storage and repair. For entertainment purposes only. This "unit" has not been tested and I may have accidentally booby trapped it with the dimensions I have, so if you build it, you are on your own. The bottom fan could just as easily be a Tesla Turbine, but unlike Tesla's craft, this one does not need to run on transmitted power. We have on-board power now, thanks to modern advancements in lithium ion batteries and fuel cells. Again, this is just an economy model terrestrial craft. If you want cheap space travel, you're asking for a piece of the sky. That would be like asking for fluoride-free tap water, but it's your money...

A flying ship using the Coanda effect to generate horizontal power
A flying ship using the Coanda effect to generate horizontal power and comprises a brushless direct-current motor , a propeller, a steering engine , a battery, a guide vane group containing guide vanes and a ducted body. The propeller is fixed on the brushless direct-current motor. The flying device is characterized by further comprising a fixing block, wherein the brushless direct-current motor is connected with the upper surface of the fixing block. One ends of the guide vanes are connected with the fixing block, the other ends of the guide vanes are connected with the inner surface of the ducted body, and the battery is fixed on the lower surface of the fixing block. The flying device further comprises a direction control steer and a control steer connection frame, wherein the direction control steer is formed by bending a rectangular plate along the direction two parallel edges into an arc shape, and the control steer connection frame is fixed on the ducted body and used for supporting the direction control steer. The flying device is stable in flying, easy to operate and stable in suspension in the air. The invention provides an electric leveling support system, comprising an electric leveling leg, a leveling control box, a relay box and an inclination sensor. In the system, an electric control system is adopted and a lead screw is driven to rotate via a speed reducer by a direct-current motor so as to stretch or contract the leveling leg, so that many problems of a hydraulic system at the aspects of installation, use and maintenance are solved; not any oil leaks, no extra weight is increased because of hydraulic oil, and even no valid use space is wasted for storing the hydraulic oil; the weight of the electric leveling support system is far lighter than that of the hydraulic system; and therefore, the fuel economy of a remodeled car can be ensured. A propelling device and a ship having the same are provided to jet water through an annular nozzle generating Coanda effect after accelerating by pumping and inflow of the water. A propelling device comprises a water intake duct, a pumping unit, and a jetting unit. The water intake duct guides the movement of seawater flowing into through a seawater inlet. The pumping unit pumps the seawater to flow into through the seawater intake duct. The jetting unit comprises an annular nozzle having Coanda inner walls and annular outer walls. In case of discharging the seawater through an outlet between the Coanda inner walls and the annular outer walls, the jetting unit generates Coanda effects in the coanda inner walls to jet the water. See more at: http://tonchev.net http://starton.biz http://b2b.bg http://tonchev.org http://greenclips.eu http://eldrive.eu

VZ-9 AV Avrocar (VTOL)
The Avro Canada VZ-9 Avrocar was a VTOL aircraft developed by Avro Aircraft Ltd. (Canada) as part of a secret U.S. military project carried out in the early years of the Cold War. The Avrocar intended to exploit the Coandă effect to provide lift and thrust from a single "turborotor" blowing Exhaust out the rim of the disk-shaped aircraft to provide anticipated VTOL-like performance. In the air, it would have resembled a flying saucer. Two prototypes were built as "proof-of-concept" test vehicles for a more advanced USAF fighter and also for a U.S. Army tactical combat aircraft requirement. In flight testing, the Avrocar proved to have unresolved thrust and stability problems that limited it to a degraded, low-performance flight envelope; subsequently, the project was cancelled in September 1961.

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