Coanda Effect Flying Saucer

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Coanda effect saucer - Strijp-S
A flying saucer wanders through the empty offices and spaces of a former Philips factory in Eindhoven, The Netherlands. Coanda effect saucer built by Henri Rommelse a.k.a. Meneer72. Original video:

JRL Coanda Teaser before Einstein vote for projekt 2!! Teaser zu unserem UAV, das am Donnerstag, 3. April um 21.00 auf SF1 im Fernsehen kommt! Falls sie den Beitrag verpasst haben, können sie ihn auf immer noch anschauen und für uns stimmen!

Aesir Coanda-effect VTOL UAV
Aesir video of its prototype vertical take-off and landing unmanned aircraft, which uses the Coanda effect to generate lift by blowing air from a central fan over its curved surface. Aesir was formed to develop the UAV when original developer GFS Projects ran out of money - GFS stood for Geoff's Flying Saucers, named after original designer Geoff Hatton. See For a video of the latest Embla demonstrator flying (with sound), go to

Coanda effect thruster test
More at A test with my 2004 Coanda effect thruster. The centrifugal pump on top blows a jet of air over the curved surface of the disc. This causes a drop of air pressure on top of the disc. The engine used here, is a cheap one from a small vacuum cleaner. As you can see, it gives about 288 grams of thrust. The engine uses 652 watts, so that's only 0.44 grams per watt. That's not enough to lift its weight, but enough to push a little car, as shown in this video.