Coanda Effect Flying Saucer

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Magnus efeect plane ? マグナス効果のようなもの?RC ROTORWING

Coanda effect saucer - Strijp-S
A flying saucer wanders through the empty offices and spaces of a former Philips factory in Eindhoven, The Netherlands. Coanda effect saucer built by Henri Rommelse a.k.a. Meneer72. Original video:

Coanda effect disc_wing_VTOL: gyro test
Testing of concept. Gyro stabilizing a disc wing that's supported from ABOVE center of gravity. Gonna try the gyro with the supports under CoG next time. I do have a curved collar for the motor base (so the air would flow better from the motor to the top of the disc, instead of a 90 degree turn), just forgot to include it here

The Coanda Effect
More at An experiment showing the Coanda Effect: A fan blows a jet of air in all horizontal directions. Instead of shooting away straight, the air follows the curved surface, even when starting from a step pretty far above the surface. The air pressure between the surface and the airflow is lower than the surrounding air. The thrust from this devise is up to 450 grams. Don't believe the "fast air has less pressure" myth, because speed is relative. The air in between gets party removed by the jet of air, and the surrounding air pressure pushes the jet towards the surface. That is what is happening. And yes you could build a flying saucer with the coanda effect. Cool but probably not very efficient & practical.