Coanda Effect Flying Saucer

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Coanda effect saucer - Strijp-S
A flying saucer wanders through the empty offices and spaces of a former Philips factory in Eindhoven, The Netherlands. Coanda effect saucer built by Henri Rommelse a.k.a. Meneer72. Original video:

Coanda disk aircraft lift demonstration.
This is a clip of the Coanda disk aircraft lift trial with no dynamic torque cancellation and vertical axis attitude (steering) mechanism fitted.. It was part of a presentation to an international audience of engineers and scientists at the 18th International Conference on Unmanned Air vehicles held at Bristol University in 2001. Read the paper at

Aesir Coanda-effect VTOL UAV
Aesir video of its prototype vertical take-off and landing unmanned aircraft, which uses the Coanda effect to generate lift by blowing air from a central fan over its curved surface. Aesir was formed to develop the UAV when original developer GFS Projects ran out of money - GFS stood for Geoff's Flying Saucers, named after original designer Geoff Hatton. See For a video of the latest Embla demonstrator flying (with sound), go to

Coanda effect disc_wing_VTOL: gyro test
Testing of concept. Gyro stabilizing a disc wing that's supported from ABOVE center of gravity. Gonna try the gyro with the supports under CoG next time. I do have a curved collar for the motor base (so the air would flow better from the motor to the top of the disc, instead of a 90 degree turn), just forgot to include it here