Full Throttle Friday is BACK including the Rotorg33k RX3

We are back and in full throttle for 2012, check out our marble blue RX3, its back with a all new power plant by Rotormaster Racing.. more short clips coming soon.. cheers RG

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Test and Tune at HIRPM Rotors vs Piston
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Full Throttle Friday | Rotors vs Piston at HI RPM | Sydney Dragway
WATCH | LIKE & SHARE | Full Throttle is back at Sydney Dragway!! Rotor mayhem!! George from Pac Performance runs the world Record once again for the Worlds Fastest Rotary!! Plenty of PBs and insane Rotor Action!! I have thrown in some crazy vas including a blast from the past!! the PAC VL that sounds like a Rotor but is really powered by an RB Please leave your comments below!! Cheers RG

Last year most of you know that our RX3 WON M/C Brisbane Jamboree 2012!! Another year on, Same setup gets us to the final, there was no final because it poured rain as we lined up to take our RX3 to victory and the finals, here is plenty of angles showing you how good our ROTORMASTER built RX3 goes! thank you FPV for your extra angles!! more vids to come!! PROUD SPONSERS, ROTORMASTER, ANYDOOR & GATES, SONY, WESTSIDE TOWING, DOMINELLO TRANSMISSIONS, WENTYSPARES,HALTEC,turboSMART. Cheers Jamie & Daniel.

Cars finally hit the strip once again with a new track surface, the guys at Sydney Drag Way worked hard through the nights and rainny days to get it ready for the Test and Tune. The day bought some great new project cars and also some down moments when Tony Rigoli's well presented corolla rolled ino the wall. The While pearl RX-3 known as SUPERMAN is back yet again, this time round to shake the 6 sec zone, been away for nearly 2 years Nick has been working hard at it. Plenty more to come guys saty tunned