Barona 1/8 Drags Joe Sherman Racing Engines

Testing the 800hp engine at the Barona Drags.

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1966 Nova SS - 8 second street car
Back half pro street car from upstate NY. Best ET = 8.68 @ 156 1/4 mi. / 5.55 @ 126 1/8 mi. Zero to 60 MPH in less than 2.5 seconds. Approximately 950 flywheel horsepower through the mufflers. Mickey Thompson 13 x 31 ET Street Tires. Dynomax 3" welded race mufflers. 434 small block by Chris Yates. TH400 full manual trans w/ ATI 9" converter. Dana 60 w/ 4.10 gears and ladder bars. Street driven. (Plates removed to protect the guilty!)

Steve Sherman Racing

Shermanator Racing
Steve Sherman lays out everything his 1965 Chevy "Joe Sherman" n/a SBC has to offer. "Thats all I got right there baby, thats all I got."

Barona Drag Strip Test and Tune Two 3-5-2016
Pure racing no announcer just the sounds of engines. RENEGADE SERIES #3 Test and Tune lanes will be opened all day and look to see some 4 second passes in those lanes!!!!