Guy Takes a Chevy Colorado Over Undefeated at Briery Turkey Run 2010 in Lewis County Ky.wmv

Some drunk guy decided to take is Chevy Colorado over undefeated at the 2010 Turkey Run at Briery in Lewis County Ky. Lots of dents later he managed to get his truck up one of the smaller hills

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Chevy Colorado . Turkey Run 2010

turkey run at briery 2011
turkey run at briery, in lewis county ky. mainly undefeated then a few videos form the hill oppsite of lookout , a few rails climbed it, one or two side by sides, one rm250, and jeff malone on a "04" trx 471 stroker

K10 blazer climbs undefeated at turkey run briery 2012
K10 blazer, kfx450, and a cr500 try undefeated a turkey run briery 2012.

Wilborn Rail Buggy Hill Climb 2009
Wilborn Hill Climb May 24th 2009 in Hanceville Alabama, Here is a video I shot at Wilborns Rail Buggy hill climb competition. These guys put on a great show with some AWESOME action... Get your DVD @ kjmproductiondotcom