Bean's DSM Racing a 06 600rr

Beans' Plymouth Laser roll racing a 2006 600rr w/ sprocket, power commander, and a slip on.

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DSM Race night Demo
Monsters at night (Testing and practicing video editing. Not meant for human consumption.)

Beans vs. EvanE
1g Dsm vs Evo VIII

IS300 Turbo vs modded 04 Honda 600RR
Camera mount was not secure, so that kinda sucked. IS300 with GTE internals, PTE billet 6262, Pro-efi pro48, 3" turbo back, 14psi, 404rwhp. o4 Honda 600RR with power commander, full Exhaust, modded sprocket, other work done. Tried to get him in view of the camera before we went...

Beans 1g Dsm at KCIR
1992 Plymouth Laser RS Awd makes a 1/4 mile pass.