Bean's DSM Racing a 06 600rr

Beans' Plymouth Laser roll racing a 2006 600rr w/ sprocket, power commander, and a slip on.

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GoPro HD: CBR 600RR VS 477HP Turbo RSX
Just messing around with the go pro and decided to race PorterP in his 477HP E85, Peak Boost, SCQ tuned, turbo RSX! The CBR has an intake, Exhaust, geared, and stretched.

Honda CBR 600rr year 05 06 Repsol Hrc 2013 by
Honda CBR 600rr year 03 04 Repsol Hrc 2013 personalizzata by motocarena

Power Commander & Auto Tune Install 2007-2011 Models
2010 Honda CBR 600RR. Power Commander and Auto Tune install. For more information check out: