EJ25 Swapped 1992 Subaru Loyale custom catback

EJ25 Swapped 1992 Subaru Loyale.... EJ25, Impreza Unequal length header, stock EJ cats and mid pipe, glasspack and a bend to exit before the rear wheel.

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8 Year Old Mechanic Repairs Subaru Loyale | Homestead Kids
Ma's Subaru broke down! With a family of seven, it is not very convenient to be without a second car in a rural area on the homestead. The 8 year old boy mechanic fixed it for Ma. initially we thought the transmission had gone out. If it had, we would have junked the car. It just would not be worth repairing. But as it turns out, the axle nut had come loose and fallen off the axle. This allowed the drive axle to slip out of the splines. The result is no power to the drive wheels. The boy removed the brake rotor and brake caliper. He discovered that the rotor was worn out and would need replaced as would the disc brake pads. He replace the rotor and installed new front disk brake pads on the one side. After that was replaced and reassembled, he replaced the tapered cone washer, the flat washer and the axle nut. He tightened down the nut as tight as he could with the 3/4" drive ratchet and then added a 5' cheater bar to the ratchet for added leverage. Once he had it as tight as he could with the ratchet, he had papa double check it for him. Making sure it was tight enough, papa lifted the Car off the jack stands with the box scraper on the Massey Ferguson tractor and set it on the ground so he could drive it back and check things. He did a great job! ma's car is back in operation. When you are homesteading, you need to be as flexible as you can and teach your kids to work and do many different jobs. Watch "Replacing Brake Pads on a Chevy Venture": https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nuLpa1JQQm8 Please share,like and comment! Please subscribe to our channel.

EA82 Timing Belt Procedure (Subaru GL DL GL-10 Loyale XT RX) L-Series
The Art of Subaru Maintenance #08 EA82 Timing Belt Procedure (Subaru GL DL GL-10 Loyale XT RX) L-Series

revised & faster 0-60 1992 subaru loyale