08 Lancer EVO vs 2009 Saturn ION

Las Vegas Motor Speedway Midnight Mayhem

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Checking the max speed on my saturn ion
well when doing the test ... a bmw wanted to try to race me ..... i showed him MUAHAHHAHAHA ... MUAAHAHHAHAHAHA ... ussally bmw's have locks at 110... alll you gotta do is cruz at 120 mph ... and point and laght .... my car only came with one lock ... its at at 7,200 rpms ...... heheheh i dont know if you notice ,.. im going above the 6500 redline mark ??? tanks hp tunners :)... well the test showed me that my spoilior is holding me back 20mph ... hey .. gotta live with it ... its worth the extra control !

2003 - 2007 Saturn Ion Cabin Air Filter Replacement How To
Changing out the Cabin air filter in a 2005 Saturn Ion.

03 Lancer Evolution vs 08 Cobalt ss (Turbo
03 Lancer Evolution (Evo 8) vs 08 Cobalt ss (turbo) race on a highway.

Ion Redline Vs Evo X
First run is a 50 roll 2nd run is a 55 roll, ION mods: intake, header, downpipe, catback, 60# injectors, e85 tuned on hptuners, Evo mods: STOCK friendly race