Summer Summary

The summer of 2010 was spent filming road trips for Victory Motorcycles as part of the True American Road Trip: 5 states, 4 road trips, 6,500 miles and memories that will last a lifetime! Thank you Victory for such an incredible opportunity!

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San Juan Islands Road Trip
A road trip through the San Juan Islands with 33 Victory Motorcycles. The Shanghai Victory Riders and the NW Washington Victory Riders joined together for a weekend of fun and sun in April. The sound on the ferry was deafening with all those loud pipes! Destination Orcas Island and Mount Constitution. Fabulous ride!

Victory vs. Harley - Segment 1
First segment of Victory Motorcycles vs. Harley Davidson Motorcycles.

2017 Victory Motorcycle Line up
Victory Motorcycles has released their Model in 2017. Victory Motorcycles closed the gap and revealed its 2017 model year lineup coming with more standard features and cooler style. the new up coming model : new Octane,Victory Gunner, Victory High-Ball, Hammer S, Victory Vegas, Victory Vegas 8-ball, Magnum, Victory Cross Country, victory Vision

My thoughts on Victory Motorcycles ceasing operations...
My thoughts on Victory Motorcycles ceasing operations...