Synchronic Wastegates on 3,000 HP ProMod Corvette

Ed Thornton and team have switched the 512 cu big block to 2 x 50mm Synchronic wastegates. Testing has proven that each 50mm Synchronic wastegate can support 1,500 HP. No CO2 is used on this car and we're able to flatline Boost as low as 14 psi. More and more top racing professionals around the world are producing their best times with Synchronic wastegates.

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Synchronic Wastegate Pressure Demo
We show in this demo that the pneumatic fittings on the Synchronic wastegate is perfectly sized for any application and is the next generation of connections and fittings for the racing industry

Sound Signature of Synchronic DV vs SB
One of the most often asked questions of Synapse is what the sound difference is between the Synchronic Diverter Valve and the SB Blow-Off Valve. We show in this video in both push and pull mode for the DV, at low and high RPM load. For the SB we show the sound signature in both RPM loads as well.

Filtering a Blow-Off Valve (BOV)
BMW 335i Twin turbo is fitted with Synchronic BOV. We show why some cars don't even need to be filtered. An efficient turbo will be discharging air at idle like a centrifugal Supercharger and will always be discharging air when the BOV is open at idle and cruising speeds

Flaco Racing Testing at Irwindale
After some further fine tuning, Abel Ibarra's Flaco racing team went out to Irwindale to perform some testing with his 3-rotor RX8 drag car.