E46 vapor barrier door fix

How to reseal a faulty vapor barrier. The symptoms of a bad vapor barrier are wet carpets underneath the dash of the car after rain showers. This was done on a 2001 330i.

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Removing BMW Door Panel & Replacing Window Regulator
Is your BMW's window not operating properly? In this detailed video, Bavarian Otto shows you -- step by step -- how to remove the door panel and window, and how to replace a faulty or broken window regulator, saving you hundreds of dollars over what a dealer would charge for the repair. You can find the BMW window regulator you need at http://www.bavauto.com/ Have a tech question about your BMW or MINI? Find the answer at http://blog.bavauto.com/

Testing Vapor Barriers BMW
This is how you can test the seal of the vapor barriers on the rear doors of BMWs. This video is filmed on an E39. After I removed the door panel, I poured three bottles of water back to back at this rate. When I checked under my barrier it was letting a small amount of water seep through. If I had used a hose and blasted the side of the car it would have been a lot worse. You can find a DIY for fixing this problem here: http://www.louv.tv/cars/m5/leakydoor/leakydoor.html

BMW Excluservice Vapor Barrier Water Leak Part 2
Part 2 of the water leak repair on a customers E39 2002 BMW 5 series.

DIY- BMW e46 key fob battery remove/replace
This is how I fixed my key after it wasnt working well lately, it would work only few times and after i went to the dealer they told me I had to buy a new key for 230$...i said...HELL NO! so i found my way around and hopefully i can help you guys save some money too. good luck, be smart, be safe and... BE POLITE WHEN POSTING COMMENTS...thanks