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Minivan Burnout tire explode! Tofu Drift Van

@Firebird International Raceway www.fb.com/TofuDriftVan LIKE HIM! www.youtube.com/user/guyver280z Subscribe!


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Tofu Drift Van [HOONIVAN]
Coming soon, 1UZ-FE Lexus V8 into the Tofu Drift Van http://www.facebook.com/TofuDriftVan Song: Psychobilly Freakout - Reverend Horton Heat Sub Pop Records, 1990 All rights to WMG

1320Video Burnout Contest 2013 - PART 2
PART TWO of our giant burnout contest from this year - Over 50 cars and 500 people joined in the fun of burning some rubber!!! Great way to relieve some stress and waste some time on a boring Sunday :)

Epic fails (burnouts)
failures in vehicular history haha, enjoy :)


Ls1 turbo rodeo drift truck
DUE TO SOME PEOPLE NOT BEING ABLE TO READ, THIS IS NOT DRIFTING. THIS IS MY DRIFT TRUCK ON A CIRCUIT COURSE. DRIFT VID BELOW. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4gdZtZDSDXU http://youtu.be/iTwhV6VzYOc Cromies LS1 turbo rodeo at Cairns Auto Spectacular on the Time Trial track. Was not aloud to "lose traction" in this event. First time driving it after finishing it.


Drift Idiot Day 7: Red Suede Shoes
I always like thinking that getting shoes specifically for a certain task make you better at said task. When I was a little kid, I remember begging my parents for the newest skateboarding shoes and trying to sell them how essential they were for making me good at skating. My mom got me these Simpson racing shoes for Christmas pretty much without me asking, she probably just wanted to spare me the embarrassment of pleading with her to get them for me lest I should never be a good drifter. I'm not really sure if they made me better, but I was certainly stylin' on all of my friends this event. There was no tire changing station at this event, which was a first for me, and I showed up with only about 20% tread on my wheels hoping to just swap tires after a few runs. I was throwing sparks from the chords on one of the wheels until it blew up, and I had to put on an old, extremely worn tire just to make it home. I didn't get as many runs as I had wanted, but I will definitely try to be more prepared next time. E-braking was the dominant form of entry this event, and I even started to use it a little mid drift to maintain angle. Once I do something about this sad motor, I will definitely need to look into investing in a hydraulic setup. Also, some creepy guys wore onesies to the starting grid. I don't know who they were, but one of them had a beautiful mustache. Special Thanks: J9 Fabrication Brett Long Matt McPherron MOM Firebird Raceway Trial By Fire Jalopnik Hooniverse Direct port Nitrous injection, four-core Intercoolers, an' ball-bearing turbos, and... um... titanium valve springs. Thank you. Music: Discovery - So Insane

Mini Van Huge Jump!
http://instagram.com/MarkFreeman408 http://facebook.com/MarkFreeman408 http://twitter.com/MarkFreeman408 Mark Freeman launching the mini van into space off a berm!

Racers Doing Burnouts Shut Down "The Highway" In Oakland.
HOW TO TAKE OVER A FREEWAY Oakland California.

Ronda 1 de la Serie Dominicana de Drift 2013 @ AM1 - Razine.com
Video resumen de lo que fue la 1ra Fecha de la Serie Dominicana de Drift 2013, Evento celebrado el pasado 19 de mayo en el Autódromo Mobil1, video realizado por Pavel_SD para Razine.com

Drift Idiot Day 5: Getting It
I am getting better. This is fantastic news for me, but much less endearing for my body panels, as it means I will be pushing harder and faster from now on. I'm starting to understand how critical entry speed is, especially with my low power level, as I cannot make up a deficit of speed mid corner. I also realized that when I thought I was using a "feint" initiation previous to this night, I wasn't really doing it to its fullest. I now started actually breaking all four wheels loose before the counter slide into the corner and it feels awesome. In training, I did of course snap my rear bumper in half, but at least it offered me a great opportunity to flex more of my zip tie skills. The night was cut short after another driver took out a fence at high speed and the track was shut down until nearly the end of event. Look for an extra special Christmas-y "Day 6" to be released on Christmas Day for you to watch in front of the fire with your grandma and your favorite house mammal. www.driftidiot.com www.twitter.com/driftidiot www.facebook.com/driftidiot Special thanks to: Brett Long Matt Mcpherron Corey Hosford Firebird Raceway Zip ties Direct port Nitrous injection, four-core Intercoolers, an' ball-bearing turbos, and... um... titanium valve springs. Thank you. Music: Wild Cub - Thunder Clatter

Testing the locked differential for drifting on the Tofu Van (Toyota Previa)
Check out and Like my facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/TofuDriftVan Testing the locked differential on the Tofu Van (Toyota Previa) before I lowered the suspension, there was a horrible body roll and under steering. Now its lowered almost 5", still need to stiffen up the suspension, but it's getting there.

suzuki mini van
97 suzuki every, customized turbo(turbonetics) blitz blow off valve, pajero mini inter cooler,F5A head 6 VALVE,660 cc engine, EFI, advance timing to reached 7.5k rpm, bad idle1.8rpm, maybe its because of the modification..T_T tnx for viewing this is my 1st project and needs more improvement hope you like it watch out for more ``^^V peace

Best Minivan Burnout Ever!
We decided to leave Bondurant by doing what might be the best burnout I've ever done in our rented Chrysler Town and Country. Burnout was through three gears, without bleach. I'm sorry for whoever rents this thing after us.

1029hp Odyssey Minivan Burnout
This is a burnout vidfeo of the Bisimoto 2014 Honda Odyssey Minivan. Equipped with a fully built 3.5L V6 engine, turbonetics 72mm turbo, AEM infinity EMS, Bisimoto level 2.4 camshafts, bisimoto valvetrain, arias pistons, PurOl oil and a 6 speed gearbox, this minivan is a beast to drive. The van is also equipped with an Airride suspension, fifteen52 wheels, soscustomz interior, Bisimoto roll cage, and a spec clutch. Video, courtesy of Larry Chen , of SpeedHunters.

Which car is faster? Which Car is Faster?

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