91 acura integra ls vs 97 acura integra vtec race 1

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2002 Maxima 6spd vs Integra (2nd Gen) LS-Vtec Swap
Went with my boy to pick up this car he was buying. It was a 2nd Gen Integra with a LS-Vtec swap....pretty nice engine. Went for a little drive down the street with me in the passenger side after he bought it. Nice engine. He said the way it pulls reminds him of my Maxima. I was like "WHA????? Please." Then he was like "I think I can take you with this car." So on his way home lined up side by side and tested that LS-Vtec! Listen to his comments AFTER the race...LOLOLOL! Thats my boy for life though!!! All Motor 02 6spd Maxima: Headers, 3" Exhaust, spacers, BOP, UD Pulley, Custom SRI, SPEC Stage II Clutch, Fidanza Flywheel vs Integra (2nd Gen) with LS-Vtec Swap, skunk 2 intake mani, upgraded cams, CAI, ECU Chip, Stage 3 clutch (dont know what else) So he took the car to a Honda tuner and the dude said his timing was off bad. So the dude fixed the timing and extended rev limiter to 9k. Now my boy at it again.....says he thinks NOW he can take the max. Stay tuned for the next beatdown.

Type R Acura Integra FOR SALE
For Sale.

Turbo Civic Hatch vs Turbo Integra
turbo Civic Hatch vs turbo Integra

the most loudest civic ever!!!