Porsche Boxster Track spin @ Sebring race track

just showing what can happend when you go faster and faster and your tires start going away

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Sebring Raceway tutorial onboard Jim Pace Porsche 911 RSR 3.0L
Take a lap with Jim Pace as he narrates a lap at Sebring International Raceway for Historic Sportscar Racing's 4 hours of Sebring Vintage Enduro.HSR is the leader in competitive vintage racing, offering sprint, endurance, and special series race events.

Porsche Boxster S 986 - Brutal acceleration sound and top speed 282 KM/H !!! HD
Porsche Boxster S, build year: 2004 (986) start up full acceleration Exhaust full throttle very loud sound rev revving revs drift drifts drifting 0-100 0-60 0-200 0-300 crash drive by fly by Thanks to www.carholics.tv Music made by www.jjensen-sound.com

Rolling a Porsche Boxster S at the Track
This is my friend's Boxster S that he rolled at the track with me in the passenger seat. Not a fun ride! Only by the Grace of God and the use of a helmet did I walk away with no injuries other than some cuts. This was a totally stock Boxster S. GPS telemetry says we left the track at about 65 mph, and I would guess we rolled at about 50-55 mph. Lady behind us said we caught about 4 feet of air. This was at High Plains Raceway on turn 4 in the North Course configuration. Stay tuned until the end of the video for the pictures of the exterior of the car.

Porsche Boxster Cup Racing Oktoberfast
This video of Porsche Boxster Cup Race Cars was taken at the Hallett Race Track during Oktoberfast in October 6, 2012. These Porsche Boxsters sounded amazing as they raced on the track. We hope you like this Porsche Boxster racing video and make sure to click the thumbs up if you enjoy it!