How to: Replace a timing belt and water pump - part 2

In this video I explain and show the steps required to install a timing belt and water pump. The steps and difficulty for this will be different on some cars. The steps and techniques for replacing the timing belt and water pump that are shown in this video will be similar,if not the same,on Honda 4 cylinder engines. This video should be used as a basic guide and you should always consult your manual before performing maintenance on your vehicle.

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Installing a timing belt and setting pump timing on an AAZ, Similar to an AHU, 1.6d, and 1.6td
This is part of our ongoing 1.9td AAZ Caddy swap and in this video we cover making sure everything is in time and installing a timing belt as well as setting the pump timing. Metalnerd tools used in the video can be found here.

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Mitsubishi Timing belt Part 1
How to replace a timing belt on a Mitsubishi 3.0 quad cam engine. Here's a way to do it without expensive tools to hold the cams in place. This is a 2 part video, watch both for the complete procedure.

Peugot 206 Timing Belt & Water Pump Replacement
Replacing a Peugot 206 timing belt and water pump. 1.1 petrol engine model in video, the procedure is almost identical on 1.4 models. Come over to to ask any questions about this, and for announcements of upcoming videos.