nice hill off the 138

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The Widowmaker Hill Climb 2012!!!
Huge thanks to our friend Moe Lund for letting us come out and film Widowmaker 2012 in Croydon, Utah. Check out their website... http://www.widowmaker.info/ If you haven't already, subscribe to our channel for a new video every Tuesday of the awesome stuff Weber State Students do over the summer!!! http://www.youtube.com/WSUStudio76 And make sure to like us on Facebook for all the awesomeness yet to come!!! http://www.facebook.com/pages/WSU-Studio-76/332966286756493 And last but not least, hit us up on twitter!!! https://twitter.com/#!/WSUStudio76 On the technical side of things, here is the list of the equipment we used... Canon 7D Glidecam HD 2000 As far as the lenses are concerned, we just ran with Canon 28-135mm Ultrasonic lens. We threw a B&W Polarizer on the end of the two 7D's that we were shooting with. The video was edited in Adobe Premier Pro CS5.5 If you do not know how to live on the edge, literally, take your lead from these guys! These brave souls took their 300 pound dirt bikes and tried to bomb up a 1,000 foot hill with a 70 percent grade. INSANE!!!! Top that off with some Rockstar Energy drinks, Rockwell swag, and 300 cc and up dirt bikes and it makes for one awesome Saturday. It was tons of fun to watch these guys, gals and even little kids, that's right kids, tackle the mountain. Enjoy!!!! If you have any awesome ideas that we can shoot over the summer for one of our videos, hit us up!!! WSUStudio76@gmail.com

Huge hill climb in PA
Huge hill climb in Treverton PA. Just a quick video, shot with my old cell phone.

TOP 50 unsuccessful jumps and falls on a motorcycle MOTOCROSS FAILS GoPro FAILS 2017
---Want to have fun with hot girls for free --- https://chaturbate.com/affiliates/in/?track=default&tour=3Mc9&campaign=4Vib G&redirect_to_room=-welcomepage- Unsuccessful fall on a motorcycle always lead to injuries! Jumping on a motorcycle is very dangerous. A selection of videos from jumping on a motorcycle (TOP 60 unsuccessful downs) is made for educational purposes. Unsuccessful there of falling due to faulty or motorcycle because of a failed jump. The entire collection of videos shot on GoPRO camera in HD format. Motorcycles participates on the list: ktm, honda, suzuki, kawasaki, yamaha (enduro - dirt bike) Once again, we advise you not to jump on a motorcycle! And for those who are engaged in motocross and wish jumps without falling and failure! GoPRO - action camera, often in Kador camera failures and fall accidents motorcyclists lazhnikov, ssportsmenov Motocross, Motor Cross (motorchisle) - a type of motorcycle sport (motorsport) is a race on a special sports motorcycle carried out on cross-country in a closed circuit with the natural (in the form of steep climbs, descents, turns, ditches, sand, etc. ) and artificial (tables, jumps, bridges rut, off road) obstacles. Top bike: ktm, honda, suzuki, kawasaki, yamaha https://www.instagram.com/artemakatiev

Satans Bluff 09
40° 5'59.56"N, 109°22'16.31"W on Google Earth. Hills never seem as big on video as they are in real life. It looks OK on video but it is quite scary when you are really there. I got sick of all the crybabies that have never ridden here making stupid comments so I turned comments off.