Harley-Davidson Road King coming out of storage

My 2003 Road King coming out of our empty basement suite after 6 months of winter storage...

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Harley Road King Transformation
took place in 07-08 song: Take Me Away- Blue Oyster Cult

How to winterize your Harley
This is a demo of how to get your bike ready for winter and what needs to be done. Call us today and ask about our winter storage program where we will do all this and more for you, or to order any of the parts seen in this video. Be sure to check us out at https://www.yellowstoneharley.com and like us on facebook https://www.facebook.com/yellowstonehd !! Yellowstone Harley-Davidson is the premier Montana dealership. Contact us today with any questions or if your looking to get a bike! We specialize in taking care of our customers, award winning custom bikes, and great scenery with great people. Check us out today www.yellowstoneharley.com.

Winterizing the Harley
Itchy hands out a few of his good tips on winterizing your bike. FOLLOW US: www.facebook.com/ItchymocheProductions www.instagram.com/the_adventure_road https://twitter.com/TheAdventureRo1

Harley-Davidson Road King Pre Spring fire up Feb 17,2009 002
In our empty basement suit, 1st fire-up in 4 months