SR20DET 6262 Dyno Session 30psi

1997 240sx Powered by a Built SR20DET, Stock sleeves, CP pistons, AEM EMS, precision 6262, precision 750hp Intercooler, peakBoost manifold, tomei solid lifters, bc 272 cams, ID1000 injectors, JGY intake manifold, stock throttle body, vp c16. #'s 572/417 Top Dead Center Performance in Mobile AL.

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SR20DET S13 701WHP PTE6262 39-40PSI(FRP)
Dyno day... 701 whp at 40 pounds .THANKS TO JORGE (FRP)

475 rwhp dyno sr20det
180sx, gt3540r, 290-290 12.5mm cams, pump fuel, 8600rpm, 23psi

720Hp Nissan 180Sx SR20
Precision turbo 6466CEA,SR20VET ,E85 Fuel,PPG Dog box, more videos of this beast coming very soon

450HP at 22psi S14 on the Dyno .wmv
NISSAN S14 SR20DET Stock bottom turbonetics T4 Hurricane turbo 1200cc RC Injectors AEM CDI Pencil Coils AEM EMS2 FULL ENGINE MANAGENT KELFORD 264/272 Cams with BC Cam gears Supertech double valve springs ALL PARTS SUPPLIED BY MISSION SPEED ENGINE AND ELCTRICAL DONE BY TONY'S AUTO OF PREYSAL VILLAGE, TRINIDAD W.I