Fifth Gear - Land Rover Discovery 3

Fifth Gear's Tom Ford test drives the Land Rover Discovery 3

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Land Rover Discovery v Toyota Land Cruiser -
Land Rover Discovery v Toyota Land Cruiser - which is the ultimate off-roader? Full story, pictures and more videos at

Disco Climbing Challenge Part 1 - Top Gear - BBC
Part one of three. A proper car review to start with here as Jeremy looks at the pros and cons of the new Land Rover Discovery. But, as this is Top Gear, Jeremy then sets the new Discovery a real challenge up in the Scottish mountains. Subscribe for more awesome Top Gear videos: Top Gear YouTube channel: website: Top Gear Facebook: Top Gear Twitter: This is a channel from BBC Worldwide who help fund new BBC programmes.

Discover the reasons to LOVE a LAND ROVER: off-road ability, roomy, exquisite looks, (Watch now)
The off-road and on road capability of a Land Rover is legendary. These two reasons alone should convince you to own a Land Rover LR3/LR4. In this video, I feature everything I love about the Land Rover LR3 from its off-road capability, on road driving comfort, 7 seat passenger capacity, exquisite looks, roomy interior, air suspension, customizable seating positions, and the ride and feel. Truckers grade map This is a great 7 seat passenger large SUV that has been around for a while. You can carry cargo and people at the same time. With it's towing ability having a boat is know problem. The roof rack can also aid in carrying more luggage. With its powerful V-8 engine I average about 18 MPG combined. The luxury seats are very comfortable to sit in and are extremely adjustable in a way that unique to most SUV's. The LR3 and LR4 both are different from other vehicles because they offer excellent offroad and 4X4 ability, from driving in the mud, sand, snow and up and down steep hills. While riding around in complete luxury. People consistently come up to me to say how nice my Land Rover is on what seems like a day to day occurrence... This is the video I wanted to see before I bought mine. I put together some features that don’t get mentioned that much. Land Rover mats: Land Rover tow hitch: License plate holder: Roof rack LR3 accessories

Discovery LR3 - 3 Main Problems
Ok so after 5 years of ownership, there are many more than 3 problems. Haha. This list is really not that useful. Sorry... A quick overview on the 3 most common LR3 vehicle problems. We will soon delve into each of the problems in greater detail. Going over each repair that is necessary and how to spot the problem.