Nissan Maxima vs Honda Integra

Lot spent but still left behind - sure he hit NOS or something at the end or its a beast and gripped hard halfway down

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Nissan Maxima Vs Acura Integra
Last days for the gold digger racing an Acura with unknown mods. Had to be fair by giving him a head start just to see what he had.

2012 Nissan Maxima Vs 2008 Honda Civic Si
Maxima mods: k&n intake, BOP, Exhaust with magnaflow mufflers, and uprev tune! Civic Si mods: Unknown but definitely was modded.

Integra SMOKES Twin Turbo Audi R8!?
Myles' ‘Little Integra That Could’! That’s right, the little green Integra returns badder than ever at TX2K16's Roll Racing event! Running a Motec ECU, shifting through a dogbox and being force fed by a Precision 6266, this little econobox Honda has been transformed into something truly competitive against the big dogs! These little Honda motors are stout and very capable of high horsepower if done right! This TT R8 was no slouch putting down 1000whp! Lucky for the Integra, power to weight ratio is on it’s side and the ending may surprise you! —————————————————— Subscribe ► 1320Video Gear ► Facebook ► Instagram ► 1320Video ► Twitter ►

Nissan Maxima vs Honda Civic
I gotta hand it to the modded K24's. This guy had straight pipes, K24 motor and type S tranny swap, with a tune. My rev limit is set at 6900rpm while his is at 8000rpm hence the reason for his long shift. Great runs even tho I had a passenger in the grocery getter.