Turbo Taxi BF XR6T on LPG having some fun at Powercruise QLD 2011

After breaking the serpentine belt on the Hilux it was time to switch to a mates back up car. 2007 XR6 turbo on direct injection gas. Suprised alot of people and was a great laugh! We could all feel the environmental goodness from the LPG\as we drove. I think we even spotted some flowers on the main straight and a pod of whales at turn 3.

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Miller Chassis 1uz Turbo Hilux Powercruise Hour of Power
I somehow scammed a 'HP' sticker. Was mainly outgunned but had a few wins.

Miller Chassis Hilux vs DESAM8 Commodore Powercruise QLD 2011
Quick run against a turbo LSx ute. Can really see the benfits of an auto here. Chop time.

Stuart's XH XR6 Turbo
See the full feature here: http://yourford.com.au/2013/featured/stuarts-xh-xr6-turbo/ The XH Falcon hit showroom floors in April 1996 as a facelift from the XG Falcon -- the idea was to bring it up to date with the look of EF/EL sedans as it was starting to look quite out-dated compared to the rest of the range. Stuart came across his XH in reasonably stock guise while looking for a replacement for his XG, which had the misfortune of a tree attempting to make friends with the car... From the outside Stuart's XH looks like a tastefully modified car, on the inside it houses a monster!

Miller Chassis Hilux vs HARROP Commodore Powercruise QLD 2011 (Better Sound)
Man that Supercharger hauls as soon as he gets on the gas. Pretty even after that. No excuses though, I got chopped. Had good chat with the owner later on who was a nice bloke. Good run. The old vid has been deleted as the sound was poor. Hopefully this one is better