Street Killers: Do It With The Lights On

Finally some day time footage! Wheelies, stoppies, reverse riding, rolling burnouts, high speed non-sense, we got it all.

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Hello everyone, These are the 5 SCARIEST Killer CLOWN SIGHTINGS Caught On Camera. I hope you all enjoy this video in the run up to haloween, i know the clown thing has been going on for a while now but i was thinking of making tis into a series and if you know of any good (not faked XD) videos then please @ me them on twitter : TCPG_1 ... thanks for watching and i hope you all enjoy this video! :D this video took place on the 29th of september and in the video you can see a clown walking down a street in bored daylight, which is pretty strange considering the risk involved in doing this, especially on a busy street. after seeing the clown walking towards them The people in the video quickly run into the house and the video ends, but apparently after the video cuts off the clown looked through their window and stood on their porch, leading them to call the police. They also warn anyone in the buffalo area to be extremely careful. clown down street - this video is from a news report back in 2014 in jacksonville. and shows clowns on 2 separate occasions on survalience footage. One of the clowns even stares into the camera and rips apart a pumpkin & the other just walks around the front garden as if its waiting for something, the locals didn’t believe it to be anything sinister but the reason for the clowns doing this isn’t exactly known. surrvalience - the video you can see here is from 2013 in florida. In the video, we can see a youngngirl sleeping in her bed, when suddenly a clown slides out from a compartment under there bed and stands around for a while and then leaves. The first theory is that the clown broke into the house, without setting off any of the security systems and showing no signs of breaking and entering, with later led the family to move out of town. The other ttheoru being that this clown was hired to scare the young girl as she had been misbehaving, so this was something the parents put in place so they could show her t whenever she misbehaved. Either way, this is pretty creepy. under bed - - [ ] the story behind this video is the woman filming was jogging through a public park and caught a glimpse f what she thought was a clown, and pulled her camera out, moved within the vicinity of it to try and get a closer look, however when she got closer, what she saw was a clown sitting on some swings holding a shovel. The clown then spotted her and came toward her, so she ran and hid in some nearby shelter, and shortly after this we can hear banging of the door she is hiding behind and the video cuts off, Apprenty she calle duh police and they scared the clown off, but nethertheless, this was a pretty close encounter. clown in park - This video took place i IOWA, america and was uploaded on the 4th of october 2016. and was actually filmed buy a youtube who has 35k subscribers, apparently he was walking nearby to where he lives and he heard weird noise that sounded like “knocks” and “snarls” so of course knowing everything thats been going with the clowns recently, he pulled out his camera and began filming. Suddenly a clown comes out from some bushes to his left and walks onto the path ahead of him wielding what appears to be a machete, which of course freaks him out and shortly after this he runs away. This video is pretty scary. youtube one - This video is completely under fair use as everything has only been used in segments and only what i need to get my point across and i have even provided original links as credit to then original posters, HOWEVER IF you have any copyright queries PLEASE message me first, we can sort it out VERY EASILY, CHEERS A LOT :P outro by zixer Deep Space by Audionautix is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license ( Artist: