Street Killers: Do It With The Lights On

Finally some day time footage! Wheelies, stoppies, reverse riding, rolling burnouts, high speed non-sense, we got it all.

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Street Killers: It's Saturday Night!
Two videos in one week! I'm on a roll baby. I STILL got more footage to use. Feel free to post this video on all the forums you frequent. My videos usually end up in the "Squid Sighting" threads, but hey, views are views. Enjoy

Suzuki GSX-R 750 being stolen from a Hotel in Auckland CBD - New Zealand
--- UPDATE --- Thanks for all the comments. The criminals were caught and prosecuted. The insurance paid and I bought a bike that I like even more. --------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------- This video is of my Suzuki GSX-R 750 being stolen in the garage of the Bianco Off Queen Apartments hotel where I am staying during the transit time from my move from Christchurch to Auckland. I just arrived with the bike at lunch time and the criminals broke into the gate of the hotel and stole the bike during the night. The police is already searching for them, but any help is appreciated. The faces of the criminals can be seen in the videos. Please help me find my make and make Auckland a safer and better place to live. Thank you!

Street Killers: Insane Deals Gap Crash
Guy takes a nasty crash off the side of a mountain on his F4i. All filmed with GoPro cameras at Deal's Gap ( The Tail of The Dragon). You can see the rut he hits which locks his front tire and causes his rear to slide out, he then somehow saves the bike from going over with him. I've opened all comments to be posted without approval just so I don't have to read the non-sense anymore. Check out all our other videos.

Street Killers: Harley Vs Sportbike
Two Harley riders cut us off around a turn and almost hit an oncoming car. We thought we should return the favor...without the oncoming car thing. Song: Styles of Beyond Feat: Mike Shinoda - Second to None