13B PP FC RX7 Track Car

Leaving the pits

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Rx7 semi pp bw480
13b-rew semi pp, bw480 turbo, E85

AUDI R8 Chase test (RX7 FC)
found an R8 to fool with. Im still runnin on a worn bad clutch. OHHH WELLL!!!

Nitrous LSx Mazda RX-7 vs E85 Big Turbo EVO on slicks!
EVO HAD CLUTCH ISSUES REMATCH COMING SOON!! OutOfOrder EVO vs DNR Performance LSx RX-7 Shoutout to 3HeadedElephantS for the GoPro Footage! Checkout his channel and subscribe, also watch his badass edit of this same race here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JS4-nv-9Hvg

13b Bridgeport Turbo FC RX7 first start
My Rx7 bridgeported using Xtreme Rotaries templates