13B PP FC RX7 Track Car

Leaving the pits

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470hp Mazdatrix FC3S RX-7 Turbo Time Attack Car
http://octanereport.com for more. Formula Drift and time attack driver Kyle Mohan talks about his FC3S Mazda RX-7 turbo racecar. 470whp @ 20psi of Boost using a turbonetics GT-K turbo and Mazdatrix rotary engine.

Alan Balinsky PP Race S5 FC Idling In Pits at MOTM
Alan Balinsky's full race S5 FC idles in the pits at Toronto Motorsports Park preparing for some lapping. The car is a full race chassis running a 13B NA peripheral port engine with RX-8 internals and a 51 Weber IDA carb. Quiet at idle, but ear bleeding loud under any throttle.

LOUD - Starting up the Time Attack Mazda RX-7 FD Race Car
Firing up the Time Attack FD RX7 Race car Rotary power.

13B PP RX7 rally car
Marcus Van Klinks 13BPP RX7 rally car. Gisborne 2015