67 Cougar @ Sebring SVT 2009

Racing a 67 Cougar around Sebring with the SVTOA 2009. Car owner Rene Tercilla.

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67 cougar first time out
67 cougar first time out

Daytona with the Audi Club of Ohio 2017
Making a few laps around Daytona Oval in Robert Miller's GT500. Taking it easy only 170 or so because of the 2 to 3 year old tires. This Shelby has all ready done 55 sec lap times with max speed over 180MPH. Still managed a 57 lap time even slowing to less the 140 into the corner entries of 1 and 3. That is where the tires have the heaviest loads.

Mercury Cougar Race Car (Dan Gurney) LOUD Revs and Sound!
Watch in HD. I recorded this beautiful Mercury Cougar Race Car (Dan Gurney) at Concours' D Elegance of America. This thing is a monster, it sounded so loud. MUCH more amazing stuff to come. PLEASE subscribe for more awesome car videos. Check out my Razzi! http://razzi.me/MidwestExotics2/photos

67 Cougar @ Sebring
67 Cougar racing at Sebring International Raceway 5/09