VS V6 Commodore 4.2L Supercharged

Taking my commodore for a bit of a strap

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4.2L L67 stroker: one of the first starts
Just out of the headers atm, video doesn't do the sound justice! Took a while to kick over on this occasion as i'd cranked the fuel pressure out of it while wiring up a killswitch.

90kmh to 160kmh in Supercharged V6 VR Commodore
Great pick up on this 1995 VR V6 Commodore Supercharged running 4psi (360Hp)

VN V6 0-100 a few mods
Mods are: 2.5 inch redback cat back Exhaust with straight through muffler and ro rear ressie, pacemaker extractors, VS V6 Supercharged cold air intake and throttle body mod to make it open 100%. Also have 225's to get more traction. Got about 7.3 seconds using a stopwatch. Have another video here of it completely stock doing about 8.3: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3plWSbUuxQY Future Mods: V8 or 70mm throttle body, maybe a high flow cat and possibly high ratio rockers. Let me know what you think.

L67 Supercharged Commodore 0-200kmh run
Just a video showing an example on how drastically the speedo readout changes when you change the diff gears. The actual speed of the car is 100kmh when the speedo reads a little over ~120kmh.