VS V6 Commodore 4.2L Supercharged

Taking my commodore for a bit of a strap

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twin turbo ecotec v6 in vs
VS ecotec V6 twin turbo

90kmh to 160kmh in Supercharged V6 VR Commodore
Great pick up on this 1995 VR V6 Commodore Supercharged running 4psi (360Hp)

4.2L L67 stroker: one of the first starts
Just out of the headers atm, video doesn't do the sound justice! Took a while to kick over on this occasion as i'd cranked the fuel pressure out of it while wiring up a killswitch.

VN V6 0-100 a few mods
Mods are: 2.5 inch redback cat back Exhaust with straight through muffler and ro rear ressie, pacemaker extractors, VS V6 Supercharged cold air intake and throttle body mod to make it open 100%. Also have 225's to get more traction. Got about 7.3 seconds using a stopwatch. Have another video here of it completely stock doing about 8.3: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3plWSbUuxQY Future Mods: V8 or 70mm throttle body, maybe a high flow cat and possibly high ratio rockers. Let me know what you think.