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Engine that was built by MOFOCO for my 73 Super Beetle

"Project Streetwise" Performance Complete (69mm X 90.5mm Bore) CE1776PS At Mofoco, all of our engines, transmissions, and heads are built to order! Because of this, there are typical wait times of two days, to four weeks. This is our most popular longblock in a complete turn key form. The base model is built from the "Streetwise Longblock" and configured with BOSCH 009 distributor, Blue Coil, Silicone Wires, Black Stock-Style Doghouse Tin Works, Heat Exchangers, Monza Style Muffler, a Alternator and Dual Kadrons - Single Barrel 40s Features: New Engine Case with Welded No. 3 Scat 69mm Counterweighted Crankshaft Mahle 90.5 Pistols & Barrels New Blueprinted Connecting Rods Hydraulic Lifters Special Hydraulic Cam Filter Style Oil Pump MOFOCO "042" Cylinder Heads "Port & Polish" Increase the air flow through the ports to maximize the horsepower potential of your engine. 40mm x 35.5mm Stainless Steel Valves New Bosch 55Amp Alternator New Lightened Flywheel 8 Dowelled Silicone Rear Main Seal Solid Rocker Shafts Balanced Hot test ran & tuned before leaving our facility 12 month warranty "Clutch Kit" Includes: Spring Type Clutch Disc, Pressure Plate, and Throw Out Bearing. Dual Kadrons - Single Barrel 40s with electric chokes EMPI 9421 COMPU-FIRE 009 ELECTRONIC IGNITION Eliminate points bounce, timing changes, and experience smoother engine performance. Fits all air cooled engines with a 009 distributor EMPI 8910 CHROME DISTRIBUTOR CLAMP & BOLT VW BUG EMPI 9075 VW BUG ENGINE 7 1/2" LONGER CHROME DIPSTICK EMPI 8991 ENGINE ALTERNATOR STAND CHROME VW BUG EMPI 9119 CHROME ALTERNATOR GENERATOR PULLEY NUT VW BUG EMPI 9191 CHROME 12V ALTERNATOR GENERATOR PULLEY VW BUG EMPI 9117 VW BUG CHROME CRANKSHAFT PULLEY BOLT CRANK EMPI 9138 VW ALUMINUM CLIP ON VALVE COVERS & GASKETS


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Bug Restoration (Official Full Version)
VW Bug Restoration, from beginning to end!

VW Cylinder Honing with Torque Plate
Watch as John @ Costa Mesa R&D Automotive Machine discusses how to hone air-cooled VW cylinders for roundness using a special torque-plate fixture. www.engine-machining.com 949-631-6376

building a 1776!
my sr.project

VW engine start with Kadrons
A motor beindítása a beállítások után.

Test firing a VW Type 1 Motor
Test firing the VW Motor. Think its a 1600. Single port. New Coil, Dizzy, Spark plugs, wires, rebuilt carb, seals, etc...

VW aircooled performance 1914cc engine build.flv
The build and start-up of my new 1914cc Volkswagen engine for my superbeetle restoration project.

Chirco.com built 2110 cc air cooled VW motor
http://www.chircoestore.com Chirco built this high power 2110cc motor for a customer in the pacific northwest. He's going to run it in his Ghia. We would advise you to not try to run with him.....just sayin. :) Find more cool videos at http://www.chirco.com

Rod Richardson Black Chopped VW Beetle on Dyno - 2276cc
Rod getting 162.8HP on the Dyno

1776cc 1967 VW Beetle
After only a day and a half on the new engine (3 year project) the original clutch cross shaft broke - DOAH!!! Pulled the motor, rewelded the forks and I'm ready to put the motor back in. It's going to be cold soon, gotta drive her some more before she sleeps the winter away inside!!!! Specs: 1967 VW Type 1 VW Blue (1966-1968) Orig Pennsylvania survivor, paperwork back to Nov 1966 Bone stock except for motor and wheels 1776cc (90.5 x 69) Magnesium Type 1 case Scat Volkstroker III crank Lightned flywheel, 8 dowled Mofoco 044's, 40mm x 35.5mm SS valves Bugpack Hi-rev single springs, chromoly retainers Chromoly head studs, 8mm case savers Bugpack chromoly 1.25 ratio rockers Stock VW rods, AA Performance pistons and cylinders CB Maxi 2 oil pump with spin-on filter Engle 110 cam, double thrust cam bearings Straight-cut cam gears CB Big Foot lifters Empi ceramic header, J-pipes, Empi stainless Phat Boy Empi 3.5qt oil sump German 009 with Pertronix ignition, Flame Thrower coil Scat wires, Bosch plugs CB high output dizzy cap and max spark rotor Dual Weber ICT's with CB hex bar linkage Steel pushrods (after I bent an aluminum one) NOS Bosch generator, OEM gen stand CB billet gen pulley, Empi Equilizer crank pulley 36hp-style fan shroud, dog house oil cooler CB aluminum valve covers TRICK "header extension" to fit not-merged header to the merged header muffler (Nice job Matt!!!) Special thanks with all my heart to my family, friends Matt and Seth, my girlfriend Tracy (for putting up with my sickness) and Wagner VW in Grantville, PA.

Alexs Baja engine Start
I have been building this engine for just under a year at Cottonwood High School in SLC, UT. This is what i have done to it: Bored and stroked to 2110cc SCAT Forged Counterweighted Crank Forged I-Beam Connecting Rods Mahle Pistons and Cylinders Teflon Wrist pin buttons Lightweight lifters SCAT C95 Camshaft Mofoco 042 Big Valve Heads Dual Valve Springs Custom Length Chromoly Pushrods Empi HPMX 44's Carbs

Volkswagen 1914cc
My sisters 1914cc ..... A1 ceramic coated muffler... Bugpack 1 3/8 header Weber Progressive 32/36 DGAF dual port... Engle w-100 camshaft Engle lifters Mahle 94 mm Pistons & cylinders Mofoco 040 heads

40 HP VW bug motor tin, never seen like this before
Since I'd never seen tin like this just thought I'd share it. Am wondering if I should save this? Wonder if someone would want some vintage, unmolested VW tin? My friend, Russell's getting me some for Cinderella that should do the trick just fine..

Unlocking Glandnut to Aircooled Beetle Engine
I used the method described in John Muir's "How to Keep Your Volkswagen Alive" in order to break the pesky flywheel glandnut on my 1600cc Volkswagen Beetle Engine

Overhaulin excellent volkswagen beetle 1965

Mofoco Cylinder heads at the foundry 2
Here the head is cooling, the operator is using air to make sure there is no liquid aluminum left. Then the head must be carefully removed from the mold and checked for any short fill.

Which car is faster? Which Car is Faster?

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1961 Volkswagen Beetle Sedan: 8.670 @ 162.000
Dean, Engine: vw, Turbos: garrett

1950 Volkswagen Beetle Pro Turbo Bug: 8.876 @ 160.200
Leif, Engine: vw flat four 2400cc, Turbos: Single T66 Tires: M/T

1957 Volkswagen Beetle : 9.020 @ 0.000
Rich "Vdub" White, Engine: 2332, Turbos: cb intercooled Tires: 135's and 8 inch sli

1956 Volkswagen Beetle : 9.040 @ 150.830
Jerry Matsko, Engine: 2276 cc, Turbos: 1 big garret turbo Tires: M&H front runners and slicks

1970 Volkswagen Beetle 1300: 9.070 @ 155.710
Robert Jongen, Engine: Subaru EJ20, Turbos: GT4293 Tires: Hoosier 26x9.0x15

1965 Volkswagen Beetle : 9.513 @ 135.650
Sam Young, Engine: Electric, Tires: M&H Drag Slicks & Front Runners

1963 Volkswagen Beetle : 10.000 @ 139.000
Lance Gregory, Engine: 2295cc, Turbos: T4

1956 Volkswagen Beetle Sedan Garrett GT3076R Turbo: 10.410 @ 131.000
Dean, Engine: 2180 Type 1 (131 cu. in.), Supercharger: N/A Turbos: Garrett GT3076R Tires: M&H 22/3.5 FT; Hoosier 9.0x15's Rear

1965 Volkswagen Beetle : 10.870 @ 121.566
Michael Meyer, Engine: NA - 2387cc, Supercharger: na Turbos: na Tires: mt 8 wide

1964 Volkswagen Beetle 1: 10.920 @ 128.000
mike mullins, Engine: 138ci aircooled, Turbos: T04

1969 Volkswagen Beetle : 11.200 @ 102.000
Chris white, Engine: 3256cc stroker, Supercharger: none Turbos: none Tires: 215/60/17

1970 Volkswagen Beetle : 11.500 @ 117.890
rafi pro, Engine: 1835, Tires: 26.7

1967 Volkswagen Beetle type1: 11.560 @ 109.000
Glynn, Engine: 2165cc, Turbos: switzer s1 Tires: pheinix

1951 Volkswagen Beetle Split Window Standard: 11.599 @ 113.920
Michi Graf, Engine: Wankel 13 B N/A, Supercharger: no Turbos: no Tires: M+ H 26/6-15

1965 Volkswagen Beetle : 11.600 @ 112.240
Mark Herbert, Engine: VW 2332cc, 140ci, Tires: 145/15 klebers and 8

1956 Volkswagen Beetle : 11.760 @ 111.990
Jerry Spearn, Engine: 2387cc, Supercharger: no Turbos: no Tires: firestone 26 x 6 slicks

1961 Volkswagen Beetle : 11.800 @ 112.800
James Lutz, Engine: Horizontal air coole, Tires: Firestone Slicks

1970 Volkswagen Beetle : 11.880 @ 108.970
Tim Shockency, Engine: 2332cc,

1966 Volkswagen Beetle type 1 bug: 11.960 @ 107.000
gary, Engine: 2332cc 4cylinder, Supercharger: n/a Turbos: n/a Tires: 8in firestone slicks

1956 Volkswagen Beetle : 12.180 @ 114.450
Jerry Spearn, Engine: 1996cc, Supercharger: NO Turbos: NO Tires: firestone


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