Mazda MX3 Turbo Dyno 342whp MX-3

Finally tuned it a little. This pass was 14psi. 342whp, 315tq

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MX-3 Turbo
My mx-3 turbo at 5 psi on shity street tune

94" Mazda MX-3 2.5v6 KL-ZE Supercharger - STORY
My story about my seven-year journey with old mx-3 mazda :)

MX3 Turbo V6 - 12.718@113.86. Base Map 8psi untuned MX-3
Once again, still running the car on about the slowest setup I can make for it. Street tires @ 20psi, full interior, big toolbag in the bag, Boost controller off, untuned, pump gas. Weighed the car tongiht and it's 2625 with me in it. 2.030 60ft 8.337 1/8th @ 87.70 12.718 1/4 @ 113.86

MX-3 Turbo
Vorsichtiger Testlauf. MX-3 2,5l V6 turbo