Mark VIII Exhaust- Straight Pipes

1998 Lincoln Mark VIII Factory LSC Exhaust with straight pipes and factory tips welded in place of mufflers

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Mark VIII Exhaust Straight Pipe
This is the Exhaust from my '93 Mark VIII after getting all cats replaced, resonator deleted, true dual with brand new cats and an xpipe. The tips are 4" slash cut

Mark VIII Practice for Carlisle 2008
good Exhaust clip too

Lincoln Mark Viii Full mandrel exhaust w/ X pipe and Magnaflows, fire up idle and rev
My '93 Lincoln Mark Viii with 100% mandrel bent Exhaust, utilizing heavily modified front tubes from a 96-04 Mustang H pipe, midsection and rear pipes from and Magnaflow mufflers. I've also swapped out the stock Exhaust manifolds for 03-04 Cobra Exhaust manifolds. I modified and assembled the Exhaust myself. This is the first fire up. Engine has a little tick from sitting forever. This has been an ongoing project car for 4 years. Also smokes because the valve seals are worn as most 4V mod motors get with a few miles on them.

mark viii burnout
My friend jason,s blisterig burn out in his hot rod mk8