Blake's SRT 6 crossfire on the Dyno at last!

Hot from the drive over my 3.2L V6 laid down 348.5 HP and 365 lb ft:) She has a sexy torque curve with over 300 lb ft from 2500 - 6000 rpm!! and near 350 from 3500-5k. I love this car;) Only $2k in mods and it smokes almost everything on the road!

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worlds fastest crossfire
This 2005 SRT Crossfire owned by AMX1397 in South Florida, has a transplanted Supercharged AMG 55 V8 Motor in it with many one off modifications. This car is daily driven and has as many miles on it from track racing as it does from normal driving... This is truly a work of art and an awesome Car. The driver of this car has been drag racing since the 60's and doesn't plan on stopping any time soon....

SRT-6 Dyno 458hp
SRT-6 on and off Nitrous

The Chrysler Crossfire SRT-6 ( I Really Love This Thing!) ✔️
Well guys a good friend of mine Hector is the owner of a sweet 05' Chrysler Crossfire SRT-6 who is also a member of Black Laber Car Club agreed to let me shoot a little video in it I for one absolutely love this thing! It is such a bad ass machine and a pleasure to see one in such great condition I can't thank him enough for this. Any questions please feel free to ask! Order Hemifam gear! Cameras & lighting I use for filming and links to get them! Go Pro HERO 5 - Sony a5100 - LimoStudio 18" Ring Light - LimoStudio 700W Photography Softbox Lighting - If you wanna join the Hemifam family.... Subscribe to my Channel here - Instagram - - Snapchat - Facebook- --------------------------------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------ AFFILIATE SHIZ! It SERIOUSLY means so much when you guys use my codes and links :D really means a lot to me guys. Thank you for always supporting me! Blenders Eyewear - Use code "HEMIFAM20" for 20% off EVERYTHING! - Luxe Auto Concepts- Use code ''HEMIFAM" to save 15% and receive a FREE Hemifam decal! - Adams Polishes - Use code "HEMIFAM" to save 15% off your entire order - Square - Sign up for Square to redeem your free processing offer, accept cards, cash, and gift cards! - Mailing Address/ PO BOX: Hemi Fam PO Box 621 Imperial, Ca 92251 Business Email - --------------------------------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------ See you in my next video :D Love you all so much - Hemifam

2005 Crossfire with V8 Hemi Conversion
Auction is live on ebay.. Own this car today... -Chrysler-Crossfire-Limited-Coupe-2-Door-Hemi-5-7-L-/300899135572?pt=US_Car s_Trucks&hash=item460efc7054 Here is a short video of a 2005 Crossfire that has been converted to a Hemi.