Blake's SRT 6 crossfire on the Dyno at last!

Hot from the drive over my 3.2L V6 laid down 348.5 HP and 365 lb ft:) She has a sexy torque curve with over 300 lb ft from 2500 - 6000 rpm!! and near 350 from 3500-5k. I love this car;) Only $2k in mods and it smokes almost everything on the road!

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SRT-6 Dyno 458hp
SRT-6 on and off Nitrous

SLK55 and SRT 6 through the Dragon
I chase a Chrysler SRT6 through the dragon in my SLK 55 AMG

Crossfire SRT6 Dyno
Put down 345whp/360wtq

RX-7 with LS1 V8 swap VS Crossfire SRT 6
I just came off the Dyno and raced this LS1 powered RX7 from 10-15 mph. I was trying to get the camera going and delayed my start so i hit 2nd gear and then started the video. Aside from my delayed start (my fault) neither of us could pull the other and we both run very low 8's in the 1/8th mile at the same 93 mph trap. Nice car and nice race! A draw:)