Magnaflow Exhaust on a Suburban

'01 Suburban LT, Magnaflow Exhaust, FIPK K&N, 285 BFGs

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Suburban Magnaflow exhaust idle and rev.
Lil sound clip of my 2001 suburban with a Exhaust I pieced together for it. Rocket Performance Speed and Custom

2001 suburban take off
So in my other video u just heard the truck at idle and reving, so now i figured take off and get on it a little bit so enjoy and please no dum comments!

Flowmasters vs Magnaflows on my 2003 Tahoe 5.3L
The First Sound is the Magnaflow Second sound is the Flowmasters

2003 Suburban Z71 with Flowmaster Exhaust
Flowmaster 50 series Exhaust on my 2003 Suburban